Crafting and Harvesting Bonus Items
Crafting and Harvesting Bonus Items
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Crafting Experience Boosts

Because the crafting signature line isn't going to be in place when the expansion launches, we'll have to do crafting writs to level our crafters. These are items you may or may not already have that will give you an experience boost while crafting.

Here's the list that I know of:
  • Mark of the Far Seas (20% xp) - obtained during the AoM crafting signature that starts with A Missing Crewman
  • Pre-order Altar from ToT (10% xp)
  • Pre-order Statue from KA (10% xp)
  • Pre-order Clockwork Calamity Illusion from PoP (10% xp)
  • Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl (5% xp) - tradeskill HQ "What Dreams May Come"
  • Empowered Censer of Containment (3% xp) - from completing ToT crafting signature
  • Primary 1H "weapon" (3% xp) - from doing Shadows of the Betrayed, part of Sentinel's Fate timeline (e.g., Carpenter = Twiddy's Sculpting Hammer)
  • Weighty Rolling Pin (3% xp) - potential chest drop from Far Seas group crafting missions from Mara

Harvest Bonuses

There are several nice items that will increase your chances to get larger harvests and more rares - by increasing your harvesting skill above the maximum and your chance for a bountiful harvest (2nd harvest).

Here's the list I know of:
  • Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl (neck) - 27% second harvest
  • Gi of the Ashen Artisan (crafted chest) - 12% second harvest
  • Compact Sumac Harvesting Kit (clicky) - 12% second harvest
  • Mark of the Far Seas (finger) - 10% second harvest
  • Harvester's Balm (1 hour potion) - 3% second harvest
  • Shroud of Hidden Harvests (cloak) - 1% second harvest
  • Far Seas Pack Unicorn (mount) - +80 harvesting skills
  • Earring of the Solstice (earring) - +25 harvesting skills
  • Reinforced Dwarven Workboots (feet) - +20 harvesting skills
  • Cloak of the Harvest (cloak) - +25 harvesting skills
  • Overclocked Automated Pickaxe (clicky, stacks with Sumac Harvesting Kit) - +20 mining
  • Overclocked Automated Shears (clicky, stacks with Sumac Harvesting Kit) - +10 gathering, +10 forestry
  • Overclocked Automated Watersafe Net (clicky, stacks with Sumac Harvesting Kit) - +10 fishing, +10 trapping
  • Crafter Earring (earring, Far Seas faction) - +5 harvesting
  • Crafter Toolbelt (waist, Far Seas faction) - +5 harvesting
  • Potion of Bountiful Harvests (potion from tradeskill apprentices) - 2% rare harvest chance
  • Familiar: Gaggelu Pearwood - 5% rare harvest chance at level 1

Note: If you converted your Gathering Goblin to a plant, the Summon Artisan's Gathering Goblin ability now gives you a reduction of your base harvesting time to 1.5 seconds. Faster is better!

Added familiar from PoP crafting signature line.

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