Spring 2017 Content Update
Spring 2017 Content Update
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The content update we get each Spring, usually in April, arrived May 9th!

Here's the link to the patch notes if you missed them in the news feed:


A few items of interest:
  • New HQ - quest giver is a goblin near the bridge in Twark, rewards a 16 resolve earring
  • Familiars will increase the ability to channel greater power (new tab in character window)
  • Ascension scrolls can be picked up every 18 hours
  • New weekly quest for 5 Ascension scrolls when you pick up and complete a weekly quest
  • The Epic 2.0 Epilogue quest starter will be mailed to us after we have our epics
  • Removed the membership requirement for The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule and The Fabled Nizara (needed for priest Epic)
  • Guise of Pursuit bauble for characters that completed their Epic 2.0 can be purchased for alts that grants an illusion to max faction for their epics
  • All accounts created before April 20th 2017 will be granted a level 100 boost item in your claim window

The promised explanation of the Deity/Tithe point change is also included in the patch notes:
Divine Potency and Divine Crit Bonus now have a diminishing return curve once over 30 points. From level 31-40 it increases by 0.7 per level, 41-50 grants 0.6 per level, 51-60 grants 0.5 per level, etc.

Note: If you have a custom UI, don't forget to update. People were reporting crashes on Test from the new Familiars tab in the character window.

It wasn't mentioned in the update notes but the two NPC's in Thalumbra that sell items for PQ currency have some modifications. They can be found at approximately: /way 620, 87, 77

Gramdur sells "Defender's Medal" for 1 "The Sovereign's Medal" and 1 gold each.

Durbain sells temp adorns and two Wantia adornment recipe books for crit chance and ability mod, respectively. He also sells the component to make the Wantia adornments.

Temp Adorns
  • Temp adorns last for 2 hours
  • Regular cognizance (primary) = 5 MA, 75 Pot, 100 Crit Chance
  • Regular magnitude (primary) = 100 Crit Chance, 105 Pot, 5500 Abil Mod
  • Regular fortitude (chest) = 5 Block, 15.2 Max H ealth, 100 Crit Chance
  • Infused cognizance = 1 Fervor, 5 MA, 90 Pot, 200 Crit Chance
  • Infused magnitude = 1 Fervor, 100 Crit Chance, 105 Pot, 5500 Abil Mod
  • Infused fortitude = 1 Fervor, 5 Block, 18.2 Max Health, 120 Crit Chance
  • Regular adorns cost 10 Defender's medals each
  • Infused adorns cost 18 Defender's medals each

Wantia Adornments
  • Recipe books cost 200 Defender's Medals each
  • Each book contains two recipes, regular white adorns and 2H white adorns
  • Each combine makes a max of two white adorns
  • Crit Bonus = 18% for each regular white adorn, 36% for 2H
  • Regular CB adorn can be equipped on Primary, Finger, Ear, Ranged
  • 2H CB adorn can be equipped on Primary and Ranged (Two-handed)
  • Ability Mod = 2720 for each regular white adorn, 5540 for 2H
  • Regular Abil Mod Adorn can be equipped on Primary, Neck, Wrist, Ranged, Waist, Cloak
  • 2H Abil Mod adorn can be equipped on Primary and Ranged (Two-Handed)
  • Primary component for each adorn is 1 Onyx Heart of Wantia or a Filled Experience Vial for regular, 2 of either for the 2H
  • Onyx Heart of Wantia costs 300 Defender's Medals

Note: The potency Wantia Adornment recipe book can be found on the merchant in Isle of Mara for 45 Far Seas Tokens. 18% potency for regular white adorns.

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