EQ2 Ask Me Anythings (AMA) - April 2017
EQ2 Ask Me Anythings (AMA) - April 2017
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The Devs are graciously giving hours of their time April 26th - May 1st to hop on each server and allow players to ask them questions. While there are quite a few repeat questions -- across servers and even on the same server -- it's a good indicator of which subjects are most on people's minds.

Feldon is posting the raw logs on EQ2Wire as the AMA's occur. They can be found http://eq2wire.com/2017/05/01/everquest-ii-ask-me-anything-chat-logs-for-may-1st-2017/

We're also being promised that a consolidated FAQ will be made available on the EQ2 forum after all of the AMA's are complete. (I'll add the link when the article appears.)

Because reading through raw data can get a little confusing, Brenvia and I are also doing a small consolidation for our forum, grouping Q&A's under categories to help add a little cohesion to the tidbits of info we've been offered. Q&A's are in no particular order within a category.

As a side note, we're not correcting any spelling or grammar. We're copying/pasting questions and answers directly from the EQ2Wire transcripts. It's also possible we missed a question or two. It's not intentional! We're human! Well, I'm aerakyn and Bren is half-elf... but close enough.

Here are the categories we're grouping questions and answers under. Obviously some questions can fit under multiple categories, so instead of duplicating the Q&A we're placing it under the category that seems to make the most sense (to us) from the context.

Q&A Categories
Also for reference, here's the link to the "Kander's Candor" post that is referenced several times in the AMA's. Lots of good info in it!


Hope this proves helpful!

May 9th Update (updated from May 2nd)

Kofana: Bring back Wantia Crit Bonus adorn recipes
Caith: Kofana Check upcomping content next month for wantia style adornments.

Errrror: What does the marketplace icon on the Familiars Tab do? Are we going to have to pay to upgrade them, or is it more slots?
Kander: Errrror – There will be familiars available as drops in game and also familiars available via the marketplace.

Ansom: any plan to lower the trash hp in expert?
Caith: Ansom the upcoming GU has some mitigation changes throughout the expansion, including experts. Should make the trash a bit less frustrating.

Onclez: will the new HQ hit on the may GU or just the epic quest
Gninjadev: Onclez the HQ and the Epilogue will be part of the May update

Roehean: Question: About the new level 100 boost going to be available… It is any different than the 100 boost given from the KA expansion? If you have not used your KA 100 Boost will you still be able to get the new one being offered?
Caith: Roehaen – It is a different bauble, and will provide new gear.

Nathox: Question: Will the next GU bring more gear with orange slots and more orange adornments?
Kander: Yes Nathox, more orange adornments and slots comming

Honex: the 100 boost baubles do you have to claim them by 15th or use them by 15th?
Caith: Honex – You do not have to claim or use them by the 15th. Once you have it on your account, you can use it at any time.

Nathox: Question: When will we see updated WHITE adornments?
Kander: Nathox White adorments coming with May 2nd update.

Nathox: Question: Can you give any hints or teases to the reward for the new Heritage Quest and what kind of stats it may have? Weapon or armor? Mount?
Kander: Nathox, its an item
Fyreflyte: I heard it has stats

Nathox: New Public Quests? Any of those in the upcoming GU?
Gninjadev: Nathox – I dont believe there is a new PQ in the may update, sorry

Kuuleis: Question: For clarity, the bauble coming out on May 2nd, will only max the factions necessary to start and complete epic 1.0 so that you can start epic 2.0, is that correct?
Kander: Kuuleis, the bauble coming maxes all factions required for the Epic 2.0 quests. It does not effect any Epic 1.0 factions.

Beastlingx: @Kander with the spring update or summer update will any merchants be added to spend all these KA currency coins?
Kander: Beastlingx Yes, additional items will be added to spend PQ currencies on. White adornments and possibly some other items.

Khamclown: one last question from me, the new runecoming out, the epilogue quest, is this quest available on may 2nd for everyone with the heroic version of the epic 2.0, or is it unlocked after mythical epics are obtained
Kander: Kahmclown – The epilogue quest will be available to everyone on May 2nd that has completed an Epic 2.0 quest.

Khamclown: and is it a solo or heroic quest
Kander: Khamclown – Epilogue quest is solo, no killing involved.

Montolio: @Devs has someone already asked about the tithe cap and deminishing returns after a certain level like how much it will deminish after level 30 and then 40 and so on?
Kander: Montolio we will post specifics of the changes for tithe caps in the patch notes on May 2nd.

Kadmusz: new relevant rewards for loyalty tokens and current currency?
Kander: Kadmusz, there will be some new rewards to purchase with current currencies with the may update, yes.

Cirvandal: How will the tithe curve change our tithe? Can we get a new to old actual value of 40, 50 and 60 tithe poitns in, lets say, potency?
Kander: Cirvandal, again, we will post specifics of the tithe changes with the patch notes.

Chrysolit: Any merchant to spend Sovereign of Rile for something valueable?)
Caith: Chrysolit There will be a merchant coming up that uses them, yes.

Alfrid: will the epilogue quest require group content (heroic or raid)?
Gninja: @Alfrid No the epilogue quest is solo

Uliakia: will epilogue hint what expansion is?
Kander: Uliakia, maybe…
Gninja: Uliakia – While the epilogue quest continues the story leading toward the expansion there arent really any hints as to what the next expansion will be during that quest.

Sylanis: @Devs I am also curious about an updated Infused Fortitude of Umbra with new currency, farming old content sucks
Kander: Sylanis – Yes, we have upgrades coming with the GU.

Celrath: Trying one more time @Devs any plans to make a new version of Infused Fortitude of Umbra and the others with the new currency?
Caith: Celrath – Yes, very soon.

Co-Op Zone: Proving Grounds

Zeddie: Will the Co-opetition use BG tech to normalize player stats, or is it just gonna be a FFA
Kander: Zeddie, yes, it will use BG tech.
Caith: The co-opetition (Proving Grounds) zones will use normalized gear stats.

Buzzilla: @ Kander will there be multiple groups in the Co-OP competing or single groups run and post a time?
Caith: Buzzilla In our first avaliable matches two groups will compete in the same zone (but seperated) to see who defeats the zone first. There is no direct PvP, but players can use PvE things to interfere.
Caith: With the other group.

Razsec: Will the Co-Opetion be balance to require all 4 Archtype?
Caith: Razsec – Our goal is to make the Proving Grounds avaliable to pugs as much as possible, but it is still a heroic zone so will require healing and tanking.

Ledastray: in new competitive challenge zone can you directly interfere with the other team? and if so how?
Gninjadev: Ledastray – Yes you will be able to mess with the other team but only indirectly

Khamclown: the new cooperative gameplay, will it be group vs group in the same zone racing to complete objectives so we have a profound effect on the other groups play or is it like old school tetris with different zones but can drop bombs o
Kander: Khamclown Its group vs group in the same zone, yes

Pitta: Question: How will we be able to interact/prevent the competition from completing objectives in the new Competitive zones, and how will the matchmaking system be implemented? Will we have MMR ratings, etc? -repeated, for chat spam
Gninja: Pitta – The groups will be separated and will not be able to interact with each other

Bendark: How are the Co-petition levels being judged? time to completion? that sounds wrong lol
Gninja: Bendark – Yes timed
Caith: Bendark – The first couple you will see are all based on time to completion, but there is a lot of variety for some of the ones in the works for the future.

Daxx: Question–Being how we could not use Battlegrounds–Will the co-op zone be available to IoR?
Gninja: Daxx – IoR folks WILL be able to use the new Co-opetition zones. And there was much rejoicing!

Taled: Are we not getting any info on the Co-Opetition zones?
Gninja: Taled – We talke da bit about the co-op zones in the producer letter and Kander’s Candor. Rest youll have to wait

Brienae: For the Co-petition zones will we need to form our own groups or could be go in and be randomly assigned into a group?
Gninja: Brienae – Both

Summer Ethereal Events

Numbnutzz: Will Upcoming summer Ethereals be Coin farm or RnG chest/mission crate rewards ?
Kander: Numbnutz – Probably a combination of both.

Mandostab: summer eth event…what slots are dropping and is the event run like last summer with a merchant?
Kander: Mandostab, currently the plan is for a Cloak slot Ethereal items with orange adornments.

Evanescence: when does the summer event start?
Caith: Evanesence – This Summer.

Nathox: So how bout that Summer event! What can we expect to see this summer? The same thing as last year?
Kander: There will definitely be summer ethereal events. The current plan is for cloak slots and orange adornments for those cloaks.

Helspawn: will the summer ethereal event have currency drops like last years did?
Caith: Helspawn – They will have a combination of how they are attained, similar to last year.

TLE Servers

Fallen Gate

Vatioru: I have a few questions regarding the new TLE server: Will Beastlord and Channeler be available at launch? Do you have a launch date in mind yet? Is it the same ruleset as stormhold? (xp rate, mob difficulty, stat rollout etc.)
Kander: Vatioru – We’re considering having beastlords and channelers available for TLE. Reworded. lol

Raenius: @Kander: is TLE Fallen Gate a time limited server or will it just run along?
Kander: Raenius Its a long term server.

Vatioru: I want to be able to figure our a gear path for the new TLE — Will stats be locked to expansions like they were on Stormhold, or can we expect all stats to be available, or different stats?
Kander: Vatioru – We have to talk about it, We could go either way and there are advantages to both.

Vatioru: ok, one last question about TLE — When can I expect to have more information on the server?
Windstalker: The team will release more details as they are determined on TLE. Decisions are still being made and we are taking what we learn through these chats into consideration, unless Errrror asked it. (j/k….mostly)

Radelia: Will the new TLE server have the same rules/exp rates as stormhold?
Kander: Radelia , We are looking at it, they may not be exactly same for the new TLE.
Kander: The new TLE , Fallen Gate, is a long term server.

Perdishun: how about questing to upgrade the manastone from way back
Kander: Perishun, we are working on upgrading all previous Heritage quest rewards this year.
Gninja: Perdishun – Yes, the new TLE server will give you a way to do just that!

Gibme: will the new tle server have server firsts
Gninja: Gibme – yes!

Ninon: Will the new TLE start with no blue stat like Stormhold did?
Caith: Ninon – That is still under discussion.

Craftington: for the upcoming TLE (Fallen Gate) what will the marketplace look like? will vitality potions be available at launch, or will they be delayed / non-existant similar to this server and RTT
Caith: Craftington – The details are still under discussion, when we know the full details, we will announce it.

Onra: Is Fallen Gate going to be Race to Trakaon, just with no Trakanon/ less events, or is there more to it than the Heritage Quests?
Kander: Onra- Its a long term server.

Onra: With the Fallen Gate server… would there be any merit to considering unlocking it by level range instead of expansion… so hertiage quests are at least somewhat challenging and needed to be done at/before level?
Gninja: Onra – Interesting idea for the future but not likely something we will do in this next TLE server.

Shakacon: Are there any plans in the future to do another special reward server like Race to the Trakanon one?
Gninja: Shakacon – Yes… Fallen gate comes out later this summer
Gninja: its not really an event server but it has special rewards for playing there you can claim on other servers

Draknox: How much later this summer? June or September?
Gninja: Darknox – A specific date has not been announced yet sorry

Korvan: Will rewards for completing HQs on the Fallen Gate server be available on Stormhold?
Gninja: Korvan – Heritage rewards for the Fallen Gate TLE server will be available for all servers including Stormhold

Zlith: Fyrefylte – I know this is aways off still, but any chance of adjusting stats on original game items at least for new server, the stats for same level items in EOF zones are much better
Fyreflytedev: Zlith – I’ll be doing a review of lower level items in prep for the Fallen Gate server. If that addresses your concern?

Craftington: do you guys have any new news on whether BL / Chan will be available on Fallen Gate?
Kander: Craftington, We’re still discussing it. It isnt out of the question.

Shoamia: is opening a new tle server going to hurt us with the population being so low?
Kander: Shoamia, we are discussing all sorts of incentives for Isle of Refuge. Are hope is that these will be implemented before or with the new TLE.


Korvan: Has a specific date been set to unlock Sentinel’s Fate?
Caith: Korvan – It will be launching on the same day as the GU
Gninja: lol

Ninon: Could you fix the problem with NPC under the world in Kylong plain but many other places, i have to type /target npcname and /hail to make them pop out
Gninja: Ninon – Thats a long standing issue that has been very difficult to track down. We will continue to look at it but not likely fixed anytime soon
Caith: Ninon – That is a local client thing. The world loaded them in the correct spot, but your client got confused.

Maplewood: DPS cap being removed?
Fyreflytedev: The dps cap will increase to 600 when SF unlocks

Lone: Will Stormhold get mercs when we unlock the expansion with them in?
Gninja: Lone – Yes when the expansion unlocks that contained the mercenary feature, they will become available.
Caith: Lone – Expansion 08

Maplewood: DPS mod cap being removed?
Caith: Maplewood – No, DPS stat is not being removed.

Maplewood: familiars on TLE?
Caith: Maplewood – Slow down brah! Yes, familiars on TLE.

Zlith: will Guild Halls ever be available here
Kander: Zlith – Maybe.

Korvan: With Critical Mitigation being added, will players continue to have their physical mitigation and healing output reduced?
Gninja: Korvan – Crit mit?
Korvan: Sorry, meant the new mechanic, not cirtmit
Caith: Korvan – There is no crit mit being added. Combat mitigation is what I believe you are referring too.
Caith: Continued – Your overall DPS should not be reducted by all that much, if at all.

Ninon: Could we see hiddden stats on items ? because may be an item that look crap will be good once the stat (ie critical bonus) will be live
Kander: Ninon, no plans to reveal hidden stats.

Maplewood: How are we getting familiars on TLE? proving grounds on TLE?
Caith: Maplewood – No proving grounds, at least not yet, but the familiars will be avaliable in game on TLE.

Onra: Applied heals is the most powerful tank stat… but it comes from Group zones and an x2… is this going to be added to SF raid gear or are we going to be wearing 4 pieces of TSO gear for SF?
Fyreflytedev: Onra – Incoming heal will not be added as a general stat on SF gear. If previous gear is not being replaced due to that stat being too powerful, we’ll take a closer look at the system.

Caith: Kadony – No, druids have all the ports they are going to get.

Maplewood: are SF weapons being balanced to be in line with TSO ones? or are we going to have the values that are currently there?
Fyreflytedev: Maplewood – If you’re referring to weapon ratings, yes, those have been balanced out, and that change will go in when SF goes live.

Korvan: Will world travel bells be updated so that less zoning is required?
Gninja: Korvan – No, but there may be some changes coming to help with that… maybe… possibly…
Caith: Korvan – We’ll discuss it, but we do not have any plans currently to unlock the bells.

Maplewood: is pvp dead?
Gninja: We have no plans to add pvp to the game anytime soon

Sprok: Summoners currently have a -60% debuff on our pets to Fervor in what I assume is an attempt to balance live. This has made Conjurers far and away the weakest class on TLE, is there any possiblity of that being addressed here?
Caith: Sprok – Summoner dps is currently in a place we are comfortable with at the moment, we will not be adjusting it unless something changes.

Maplewood: what stats will familars give?
Gninja: Maplewood – They vary

Annaliiza: Any chance of Veteran or Claim rewards on TLE
Caith: Annaliiza – Claim rewards are going to continue to be restricted to the expansion claims for the most part.

Maplewood: what stats will familars give?
Caith: Maplewood – You will have to see when they come out!

Korvan: Will Chronomagic and missions be introduced with SF, since it was added during TSO?
Caith: Korvan – It is not currently on our radar, but we’ll take a look and discuss it.

Bleach: sorry if i missed it but will guild halls ever be implemented?
Gninja: Bleach – We do plan to put in Guildhalls on Stormhold but no eta just yet. Training dummies would be included in that.

Riots: i miss pvp very much
Caith: Riots – So do I, however without the base systems being written with it in mind it is just not feasible to support in a way that makes it fun an engaging in the changing game.

Maplewood: can we have a nerf to auto attack and buff to scout/fighter CA’s???
Caith: Maplewood Incoming with the combat mitigation changes with SF. Pushing buttons should matter. Again, overall DPS should not change much, but passive DPS will be less, and abilities will be more.
Caith: Continued on mitigation – The combat mitigation system gives us a lot more flexibility to adjust specific things, as opposed to the raw mitigation that TLE has been running with since launch.

Korvan: Will the buffs from the Arcanna’se Effigy, Skyfire Phoenix and Fenice mounts scale up with level 90?
Fyreflytedev: Korvan – Not to my knowledge. They should stay where they’re at until KA is unlocked

Zlith: Fighter DPS overall as compared to DPS classes has gone down over the expansions as more Caster stats were available. Right now some tank classes – SK/Pally are great in DPS comparably to later
Caith: Fighters have love incoming.

Onra: Fighters are the most reliant on auto attack at the moment, is that being taken into consideration?
Maplewood: so does this mean mage spells will be balanced vs scout CA’s?
Fyreflytedev: Maple/Onra – Damage parses are being considered when making those changes. We’re not going to make any dps classes overwhelmingly better than others.

Warpaint: was there an answer re: training dummies?
Gninja: Warpaint – Training Dummies are part of the guildhall system. If/when guildhalls are activated on TLE training dummies will as well

Korvan: Will spell research be introduced with SF, since it was added during TSO?
Caith: Korvan – Uhh, dunno. I “think” it is locked behind an expansion flag, but I don’t remember exactly which one.

Maplewood: guild halls were added in RoK
Maplewood: why dont we have them?
Gninja: Maplewood – Guildhalls we decided to not be added on the TLE server intentionally. That may change but not right now.

Tenyen: will the mystic Epic or epic reprucssions buff finally be changed from double attack as the stat no longer exists!
Fyreflytedev: Tenyen – The buff from the that epic is giving the correct stat – it’s just misnamed in the description. I’ll try to get that fixed.

Enusesk: will we see the travel options open up? it would be nice to not have to zone 4 times to get to a zone that has a bell in it already…
Gninja: Enusesk – We dont have any plans to change the bells at this time but more travel options might be added soon(tm)

Onra: Make Masters’s great again!
Gninja: Onra – Masters’s are the same here as on other servers

Ninon: Are you planning to change the price of AOE auto attack on tiem, crusader get 40% with 10 aa and priest like 40 dps mod with 10 aa, but on item usually 1% of AOE attack is valued like 20 dps or something like that
Fyreflytedev: Ninon – That is not really how item statting is done right now. If you’re finding the AEAuto on items to be too low to be useful, send me a pm with your thoughts

Korvan: Are there any plans to increase mount speed?
Gninja: Korvan – We’ll look into increasing mount speed very soon

Zlith: will Flying be available in SF as most are level 85, or DOV?
Kander: Zlith – Flying comes with DoV

Maplewood: is the weapon skill stat being up’d enough on gear to match up with lvl 98 mobs?
Fyreflytedev: Maple – Weapon Skill stats are pretty close to where they were in vanilla. This trend is continuing into SF. I have been trying to add weapon skills to a larger variety of items, however.

Enusesk: are grandmasters going to be made available here as well?? i know it wasnt for like another 3-4 xpacs, but i’m collecting spell recipes at an alarming rate
Caith: Enusesk – Recipes for the 14th expansion or GU103 will still not be avaliable on Stormhold however
Enusesk: no they arent caith…. i know GM spells werent released in TSO or SF and I just scribed lvl 40s priest GMs a day or two ago
Enusesk: will they release in time as the server moves forward?
Caith: Enusesk – When that expansion content becomes avaliable, yes. Some recipes were put into older content, that is a different thing then new content/expansion recipes.

Enusesk: what xpac allowed the use of green slot adornments?
Gninja: Enusesk – Chains of Eternity

Shakacon: Question: Will the GU103 or new expansion give carpenters and tailors new backpack /strongbox recipes with bag space greater than 48 (these haven’t been increased in numerous expansions)?
Caith: Shakacon – TLE server recipes are dependent on the current expansion content that the server is linked too.

Korvan: Wards are not benefiting from criticals, is this intended or will it be fixed?
Caith: Korvan – Wards multiply based off of crit bonus, since the TLE server does not have crit bonus, they do not multiply.

Karliah: Will TLE servers eventually merge with another main server like Majdul when tle catches up
Caith: Karliah – We are too far out from that being an issue to have a firm plan for it one way or the other at the moment, sorry.Ninon: Will the new TLE start with no blue stat like Stormhold did?
Caith: Ninon – That is still under discussion.

Expansion 14

Errrror: Will the level 100-110 spells follow the traditional upgrade scheme, or will they follow the Pay2Win scheme of Ascension?
Caith: Errrorrorrer – The level 101-110 spells will combine multiple class spells into a single spell. For example, Shadowknights may get a spell that is a combination of Shadow Coil and Dreadful Wrath

Shiyala: What content do you bring in with the GU 104?
Kander: Shiyala – If you mean expansion 14, we will be talking about what is coming with the expansion at a later date.

Rohanon: @kander will the crafting level be raised as well as the adventure level?
Kander: Rohanon – Yes, crafting levels will be raised and new recipes and stuff to make.

Halfwar: will we be seeing more gathering nodes about for us crafters/gatherers? far to many zones at present with no nodes available me thinks, zones I like but just nothing to attrect me!
Kander: Halfwar – The expansion with the level cap increase, I am sure there will be lots of new nodes for the new levels and content

Valekz: Hi. I don’t care about class balancing. With 24 it has always been a real nightmare. My major worry is about level 110 cap rise. Will 101-110 spell scrolls be as rare as ascension or just as a “normal” droprate ?
Kander: Valekz – 101 to 110 scroll drops will be the same as in the past for previous level increases.

Rvacina: I have only 1 question For the Developers – Why the Level raise? we are working hard on our epics and you could have done the raising of other things instead of levels
Kander: Rvacina, Epics will stay relivent. you did not do all that work for nothing.

Faethy: okay no merge, when we lvl to 110 will there be new consumables added as well as new spells
Kander: Faethy, you can expect all things that come with a normal level cap increase,

Lifeseaver: when will the level increase happen?
Kander: Lifeseaver, the level increase will happen with the expansion this year.

Mandostab: the next expac increase to 110…is there an new AA tree along with that or more ascension?
Kander: Mandostab, there are no plans for new AA or new trees, we may be opening up the current AA and Prestige and removing many of the restrictions.
Caith: Mandostab – We do not have any plans yet to add a new AA tree. It is early in the planning stages however.

Saphera: whats in the works for the next expansion?
Caith: Saphera – Levels, zones, gear, monsters, beer.

Lascivio: @ DEVS: what are you going to do to maintain control of variables with the level increase?
Kander: Lascivio – Duct Tape.
Lascivio: shoulda known id never get a proper answer…
Kander: Lascivio – Will use proper duct tape. [Seriously, that is far too an involved question for this AMA, we could not even begin to discuss such an open ended question in this forum.]
Kander: What are you plans for the Universe. In a few words.

Jrox: Question: Any truth to the rumors of combining spells for certain classes and can you give any details if so?
Caith: Jrox – That is the plan for abilities for level 101-110

Beastlingx: @Gninja – When will Jace, the Mind Sculptor be introduced into EXP 14?
Gninja: Beastlingx – Octember the Saturteenth

Gibme: are ascention levels going to be in next xpac
Caith: Gibme – There will be some new Ascension stuff in the expansion, but the current Ascension abilities will remain relevant. Also, new upgraded profession stuff!

Kander: For those asking about spells for 101-110 , they will be very similar to past level inceased, spell drops, etc.

Diseasse: What happens to Summoner Pets once the Level cap goes to 110? Are they going to become useless as they did with Epic 1.0 Pets?
Gninja: Diseasse – Youll have to be more specific. Send us a PM about it
Caith: Diseasse – Summoned pets are controlled via the spells level, epic pets will scale with the level of the caster.
Diseasse: @Gninja ok I will ask it this way, is my Current Epic 2.0 Summoner pet going to be capped at level 100 or will it increase to 110?

Mallyus: Will the archtype-specific instances such as Isle of Vul in epic 2.0 be scaled up in the new expansion so that they will still be very difficult for casual players?
Gninja: Mallyrus – We have no plans to increase difficulty on any of those zones.

Aenoruk: Q – Roughly when will the content for E14 be revealed – locations, name, etc
Kander: Aenoruk , as we get closer to beta, as usual.

Bendark: Are there going to be any equipment upgrades avail (without fabled dungeons) to help guilds with progression?
Gninja: @Bendark – There are always ways to upgrade your character

Unclebrig: so to clearfiy what ive read on other AMA when the level cap goes to 110 adept and masters will drop liek normal and be scribale on the spot correct
Kander: Unclebrig, that is the plan
Gninja: Unclebrig – Yes adepts and masters will drop like normal for the level 101-110 professions spells

Airial: was teh question answered about difficulty being raised on Epic content, when the levels increase??
Kander: Airial – We have no plans to increase past content difficulty for epics.

Xaedra: Can you explain please what is meant by, spells level 101-110 will be combined, what is being combined?
Kander: Xaedra, the idea would be to combin certain spells to make 2 spells one spell, that shares the saem cooldowns, but is better than casting the two spells, so that perhaps we can lure you into having to cast less spells. I

Crankish: Will there be new combat stats introduced in the new expansion, or old ones removed?
Gninja: Crankish – We will not be adding new combat stats. We will be using the same stats for balancing that we used this past expansion.

Uliakia: can be familiars be used as house items if more than 20?
Caith: Uliakia – Not currently, but we’ll look into it.

Crankish: Will new cyan adornments be coming in the update or expansion?
Caith: Crankish – No upcoming Cyans, but other adornments may show up sooner rather then later.

Zamofir: since spell levels in the new expac are going follow the asension upgrade pattern 1) are they going to make the adepts more common and 2) what level are they goign to base raids around..
Caith: Zamofir – The level 101-110 spells will be more in line with what you are used to with profession spell drops. The only difference will be the fact you need to have the last tier scribed.

Caldinar: Will familiars be available for all levels? (Not just level 100 characters)
Mooncast: @Caldinar – familiars are available for all levels

Sylanis: @Devs will the next xpac be as quest heavy as this one, will crafting be a requirement to remain competative as it is at the moment?
Kander: Sylanis – We actually plan to make it more quest heavy than KA.

Sykle: will leveling to 110 take a long time, and will it be time-gated like ascension?
Kander: Sykle, we are discussing making the leveling from 101 to 110 a bit more of a challenge than in the past. So possibly.
Caith: Sykle – It depends on how good you are. I don’t intend it to be instant, but it shouldn’t be punishingly long either.

Class Balance

Kander: Hyrisor – We plan to be as transparent as possible with changes for class balance. We will be very active and open about them during the expansion beta. We do have some tweaks coming on May 2nd as well.

Caith: It is far too early in the process for specifics on class changes for the expansion, in general, support classes will be looked at to increase their support roles, some DPS classes are being looked at.

Radio: When EQ2 get the Class Dirge back??? atm very useless and boring with the abilities
Kander: Radio, we have plans to look at utility classes thuroughly, and try to bring back utility in content this expansion as well.

Errrror: Are we likely to see any class balance tweaks between now and Nov to correct the issues around certain classes? (Shammies, Sorcs, Assassin etc.) Or are they best off just coming back in November
Caith: Erorrrrrr – Yes, there will be some balance tweaks that go in as live updates.

Taasi: @devs please re-evaluate bleedthrough so certain priests dont feel like a broken class
Caith: Taasi – Healer balance is one of the top balance issues on our list.

Twinbladed: When can we expect class balance? With these new items coming out such as the new fervor proc, there is a concern that the gap between classes will grow further apart than it is now
Caith: Twinbladed (and All) – While it is too early to be speaking specifics about class balance changes, we will be making them throughout the next few months and also many during the expansion.

Willrob: are there any plans for fervor to effect tank taunts ?
Caith: Tank threat is about where we want it at the moment, so we do not have any plans currently to adjust it.

Headbustaz: Will the bugs with Shroud of Armor/Runic Armor and the associated effect on bleedthrough be looked at any time soon?
Caith: Headbustaz – We are looking at any issues with the bleedthrough mechanic yes. While the mechanic is going to stick around, we will try to address any issues with it and make the messaging more clear.

Wizzlebeats: [question] how do you plan to make Dirge dps more viable, especially when they chose Thaumaturgist to stay true to their Buff and debuff” nature?
Caith: Wizzlebeats – While it is far too early to go into specifics about class balance changes, dirge DPS is not the focus of the Dirge class. The dirge is a support class and that will remain it’s focus.

Mandostab: will class balance changes for sorc be affected by current AA or balance of those abilities?
Caith: Mandostab – Class balance changes will involve adjustments to AA’s as often as feasible. We like your AA’s mattering.

Pilgra: Is there any plan to make tanks “taunt” skills in general more useful as the dps continues to ramp up were are lagging behind
Caith: Tank threat is about where we want it at the moment, as it requires the entire group to participate in controlling threat. We do not have any plans currently to adjust it.

Trujoss: question: will lifeburn take into account max health? it currently doesn’t
Caith: Trujoss It does take max health into account currently, but another cap is causing it to be unused. It’s on the list for adjustment.

Fungsway: i agree with the threat issue. lower geared, yet acceptable heric resolve tanks have a hard time when 2 or more higher dps enter a group. they overpower the threat. its hard to get tanks moving up in the right direction with
Caith: Fungsway – Making threat meaningless by making tanks always hold agro no matter what is not a plan we are going to consider.

Lyricut: It was mentioned in Discord that there would be minor class balancing with the May update, is that still happening?
Caith: Lyricut – Yes, but it is not a major overhaul.

Kuuleis: Question: with class balancing coming and healers, are you going to reduce or increase dps for the class to force them to play debuffers
Caith: Kuuleis – Healers will get a variety of adjustments depending on their secondary focus. Some will get more buffing, some will get more DPS, others debuffing. It is far too early to go into specifics because it is all very much
Caith: on the drawing board at the moment.

Mutinay: question about coercer poss ess spell, seems if i copy a certain mob it carries properties like lets say tank then i can shout it, healer coer healing, but pet doesnt do any healing to me, anyway can make pet act like class copie
Caith: Mutinay – I’ll take a look, it will not be in the short term but maybe part of the class balance updates for the expansion.

Oxyian: When is Fiery Blast going to be fixed?
Caith: Oxyian It’s one of the first balance items on the list after the update

Dunnyrat: any plans to look at overall Swashbuckle class ?
Caith: Dunnyrat – We are too early in the process to go into specifics about the balance changes, but every class is being looked at.

Oxyian: @Caith – Well the wiz epic ability Fury of the Magus be fixed in the May update?
Caith: Oxyian Send a tell with specifics about what the issue you are seein gis

Kittaene: dev hugs notwithstanding, Can the change made to Battle Coodination, as affects Open Wounds, still apply for the Zerker? It is odd to run by mobs and have Open wounds no longer proc.
Caith: Kittaene Probably, I’ll take a look. Won’t be high on my prioritty though, as if you engage them they start being hit.

Lascivio: not to be a pain but repeat a question: is anything being done to fix tank aggro issues?
Caith: Tank threat is about where we want it at the moment, as it requires the entire group to participate in controlling threat. We do not have any plans currently to adjust it.

Sahooru: QUESTION: Being asked for the 4th time – Please When will Swashbucklers be brought up to the DPS standard of other Scout Classes?
Caith: Sahooru – Swashbucklers are not t1 DPS, while their DPS will be looked at, they will probably not match T1.

Cirvandal: @Devs – What will be done about healing in general? Currently all non-ward healing abilities are pretty much insignificant. There is also no difference between an ancient and an apprentice single target large heal for example.
Caith: Cirvandal – There are some fairly invasive possibilties that may address it, but we are moving slowly with them because the last thing we want to do is change the too much at one time.

Oxyian: Question: Well my question about sorcerer tweaks in may update be anwsered?
Caith: Oxyian – Specific Class tweaks for GU 103 are still undergoing testing and vetting, so I do not have a list of what is actually going out yet.

Targhan: @Devs – Any chance to fix the Insect Warder for the beastlords? It’s been several expansions since it was released.
Caith: Targhan send me a PM with specifics about the issue you are experiencing with the warder

Ozomon: Question: Any plans to really put the utility back in utility classes. Many buffs no longer scale well with present content/stats and some prior class defining abilities are no longer relevant.
Caith: Ozomon – While it is too early to go into specifics on class balance changes….yes.

Cleanse: @Caith – Will the fix to Nightmares, or whatever the actual source is, causing the defilers group to take more damage, be fixed in the May 2nd update? Defilers in raids are have a really tough time
Caith: Cleanse – I’ll take a look at it

Pitta: Question: Will we see any major Alternate Advancement re-working in either the game update or in expansion 14? and in regards to the class balancing, will it be mechanic changes to the classes that rebalance them, or a straight increase in DPS?
Kander: Pitta – We have some plans for AA changes, nothing we can discuss currently, too early in the cycle.
Caith: Pitta Most of the class balancing will revolve around the AA system similarly to how combat mitigation debuffs were added to many abilities.
Caith: Pitta – To expand, most of the class balancing BEFORE the expansion.

Pepperminnt: are the combat mitigation debuffs going to increase they are curretnly not effective?
Gninja: Pepperminnt – Combat mit is getting slightly reduced in raid zones with the may update but I would expect to be able to debuff beyond what you already can (which is actually a lot)
Caith: Pepperminnt – Combat mitigation debuffs are very effective, but yes they will increase with the expansion.

Forgesplitter: @Devs did i miss the LB Necro question answer?
Caith: Forgesplitter – Yes, but it was answered on Thurg… It’s on a list to take a look at

Cleanse: Currently many things are not affected by Fervor. In regards to future viability is it likely to be adjusted to include certain aspects? Like Regeneration amounts on heals for example.
Caith: Cleanse, we’ll take a look at regens not being modified by Fervor

Itsybitsy: @kander did you consider a raise of AAs instead of pushing levels to 110? I’d like to see more AAs like an aura that affects groups or even raids
Kander: Heidegger – We may be opening up AAs and removing restrictions for prestige and AAs, we do not have any plans to raise the number of AA or prestige.

Rokk: Question: Is there any plans to modify, increase, or upgrade the vaules/stats of our current AA’s to be more in line with growing stats?
Caith: Rokk – Any AA’s that get updated will be part of the class balance adjustments, but we are still too early for specifics.

Brokenshieldd: Are we going to get more AAs or Dragon points with the New expac?
Kander: There will not be additional AA or Presitge points with the level increase, we may be opening up a lot of the resctrictions though. More to come.

Hallann: I think HoT’s need more or something
Caith: Hallann We have some ideas for healers in the near future yes.

Falqu: Can you look into fixing the Guardin spell sentry watch? It never triggers and saves people in the group from dieing
Caith: Falque – I’ll take a look at Sentry Watch, nothing was changed on it that I am aware of in the last several years that should have broken it.

Kreechure: Kander, are there any plans to scale or rework the multitude of static buffs that are no longer useful due to stat inflation?
Kander: Kreechure, we will be re-working things as we work on class balance over time.

Sacapuntas: Is there a Reason spells such as Mark of Divinity, Natural Boon and other such Procs only proc off melee hits and Not Wands?
Caith: Sacapuntas – Sometimes due to a balance decision, others were made that way because wands did not exist when they were made.

Balehzam: @devs can you talk a little more about class balance?
Gninja: Balehzam – Do you have 3 weeks to talk? :p
Kander: Balezam, the plan is to work on it through out this year, lots of focus on it. If you want specifics, than join the beta this year and contribute to the discussions.

Skulls: does doublecast and ability doublecast stack so if i have 97% doublecast and 3% ability doeblecast are my spells gonna 100% doublecast??
Caith: Skulls – Yes spell doublecast and ability doublecast stack, so you can get a triple cast if you have both.

Anunnaki: the doublecast answer was worded oddly. if you can get a triple cast that sounds like it means they are separate pools.
Caith: Anunnaki – They are seperate pools.

Anunnaki: okay then 97 spell DC + 3 % ab DC =/= 100% DC
Caith: Anunnaki – No. They are seperate checks, seperate stats. If you have 100% SDC, and 100% ADC, you will get three hits.

Blazinn: Q: are temp buffs like ruthless cunning and deceit ever going to get updated to be useful, ie increase pot, ab mod, etc to be in line with current stat needs as the bonuses they add now are useless?
Caith: Blazinn – While it is too early in the process for specific class adjustments for the expansion, many current profession abilities will be upgraded.

Amathyest: @devs retyping cause not sure they know i was askin them my Question : could Illusionists plz get all the races to illusion to ?
Gninja: Amathyest – We can look at it but it wouldnt be a top priority currently sorry

Kahu: @ Devs what is being done to make Troubs into T1 dps monsters?
Kander: Kahu – Nothing

Kreechure: @Devs. So you want to go back to intended dps tiers, where are these classes intended to be? Not asking for an itemized list, just a general pred=x, summoner=x, yadda yadda.
Kander: Kreechure – We already posted out intentions in the Kander’s Candor.

Xaedra: With the promise of class balancing coming, how will that be achieved? Will you bolster one class or nerf the others?
Caith: Xeadra – Whenever possible we try to do things via bolstering classes. Nerfing sucks, no one likes it, so we avoid it whenever we feel it is possible.

Holgo: @Dev Team, Do you have any plans to have tank threat be effected by fervor?
Caith: Holgo – We feel threat is in a good place right now, needing all party members to contribute. We do not currently have any plans to change that by introducing such a large swing as Fervor.

Elyana: When class balancing occurs is there any chance that there will be LESS buttons to push instead of more.. real estate on our hotbars is getting slim for bards especially =p
Caith: Elyana – Not as part of the class balancing itself, but as part of the expansion level increase you will have abilities that combine two or more of your current profession abilities.

Jamzez: is class balance planned for next xpansion and the hot bar spell bloat?
Kander: Yes Jamzes, both.
Caith: Jamzez – Class balance is always an ongoing thing, but yes there will be a big focus on it leading up to, and in the expansion.

Crankish: Is the intent to tune warlocks to be T1 DPS?
Caith: Crankish – It depends, if your name is Mogrim, no. Otherwise, yes. Balance is a big focus in the upcoming months.

Apan: @ gninja when are you guys going to adress the issuses with class DPS
Gninja: Apan – We will be doing class balancing between now and expansion but mostly with expansion

Luvil: @Devs – I know you said you’re happy with tank taunts, but would you be willing to consider looking at tank survivability/dps for tanks without the threat transfers?
Caith: Luvil – We are not going to get into the specifics of class balance changes in these AMA’s. But yes, tanks will be looked at for their role as well as DPS.

Celrath: @Devs with regards to the AA change, when will you be able give us more detail on how this works? Wil some AA’s be removed, will others be made easier to get to as in not having pre-reqs?
Caith: Celrath – No AA’s will be removed, however as we tweak balance a large part of that will be in adding new functionality to the current AA’s.

Holgoo: @Caith Are you guys aware of the massive difference in damage defiler groups recieve vs mystic groups recieve, Does it have something to do with damage not bleeding through mystic wards?
Caith: Holgoo – I have not found any Mystic wards that do not function the same way with bleedthrough as Defiler ones.

Holgoo: @Caith Are there any plans to rework lifeburn/manaburn to scale more efficiently with current content?
Caith: Holgoo – Yes, lifeburn and manaburn both are being looked at specifically and we are testing something with them in the Proving Grounds.

Nimmon: i’d just like to point out that there is an obvious avoidance of talking about Fiery Blast – sure no problem, we wizards will just do this act alone, as usual
Caith: Nimmon – There is no avoidance in talking about Fiery Blast other then answering the same question more then a half dozen times doesn’t do anything other then waste time.

Sharpcharm: @Deeevs — Would you consider giving chanters the ability for their pets to take on more customizable stats and traits to bring their usefullness up rather than coercers having rely on other classes so much for offensive output?
Caith: Sharpcharm – Probably not, adding that kind of customization to the pets would be a massive task

Slowin: @Devs – are you guys aware that the Beastlord Primal “Chillbarrier” is not affected by stance and do you have plans to fix it? It’s a ward and it doesn’t crit.
Slowin: should say *stats* not *stance*
Caith: Slowin – Yes, but we will not be changing it until some things are vetted. Beastlords are definately not on the priority to make stronger right now.

Crystasha: @ Devs will crowd control and mez become a useful ability again in the next xpac when you’re doing rebalancing, or are those mechanics considered to old now to bring back?
Gninja: Crystasha – MEzzing and crowd control in general is slowly getting worked back into encounters. If you look around you can probably find some encounters that can already be controlled to make them easier!

Sonnya: @devs is any time soon defiler will be fixed as should be or need to betray to mystic to heal raid??
Gninja: Sonnya – Please refer to previous answer about messagin of wards versus balancing

Hurkual: Within the categories of T1 DPS, Utility, Healer and Tank can you explain where every single class sits. Since there is no room for anything outside of these 4 categories in gameplay?
Caith: Hurkual – That would be out of the scope of the AMA, but as we get into the class balance changes there will be forum threads for that discussion.

Brandobarics: @devs Hopefully I didn’t miss this- Can we find a way to add threat/taunt capabilities to fighters or somehow tie to potency and fervor for fighter classes
Caith: Brandobarics – Potency already modifies threat. We do not have any plans to make Fervor modify threat.

Nimmon: >tfw no one will answer questions about fiery blast because it is hard to fix :>{
Gninja: Nimmon – those sort of specifics should be handled outside of something like this it would take a long time to go into the specifics
Nimmon: okay thank you gninja, at least you are acknowledging it needs to be addressed – FYI we wizards will soldier on whether you fix it or not but we’d sure like to be relevant again
Gninja: Nimmon – yes we know it needs to be addressed.

Uwone: can AA trees get a revamp so they arnt such a waste of time?
Caith: Uwone – AA’s are where a lot of the class balance changes will be coming through, so I am hoping to make a lot of them a lot more useful. We are also looking into removing the previous point requirements on some of the trees.

Bunt: @devs if you already awnsered the question about defiler bleedthrough please repeat, it’s a very important issue atm
Gninja: Bunt – WE are fixing the messaging so we can get accurate info about bleedthourgh and defilers. We will be looking it over

Brandobarics: @devs Can you fix Soulburn to work on PQ bosses?
Caith: Brandobarics – It is on my list, but it is not high priority.

Bealeb: @Caith what is going to be done to keep scouts relevant when mages get their fervor runes?
Caith: Depends on the class Bealeb, Assassin’s have a bit of love coming in the GU, the rest of them will be addressed further in the upcoming months.
Bealeb: kk thanks i have a fear that that fervor proc is going to set mages way ahead of scouts seeing as most raiding mages already have 100% doublecast and scouts have 3#
Caith: Ability doublecast wouldn’t change that Bealeb, since it would give mages tripple casts
Bealeb: CA doublecast would give mages triple?
Caith: All spells and combat arts are abilities, ability doublecast works on spells and combat arts, so yes.


Magolemus: Why in solo instances doesnt drop much adept spell for asenshial class? why cant made it more dropable ?@Kander
Kander: Magolemus – We’ll look at the drop rate.

Chrysolit: in new GU with 110 lvl what happens with ascending abilities? do they work or will be new one?
Caith: Chrysolit – To be clear, we are NOT raising to level 110 in the GU. The current Ascension abilities will continue to be relevent with the level increase with the expansion.

Nathox: What about Ascension classes? Will they be expandedo n next xpac?
Caith: Nathox – Ascnesion classes will be expanded on, however the current ascension spells will remain relevent.

Dakisis: i would like a hot bar that changes when i switch ascesion classes
Caith: Additional hotbars increase client lag, we do no thave any intention of adding more at this time.

Robinete: Query: Will future spells/ascensions follow the new trend in aquisition, or return to a more sane form of acquiring in the future?
Caith: Robinete Class spells will drop in game as current ones do. They will require you to upgrade to the previous level before scribing however.

Klawssalot: Question, can you make the ascension spells and fragments heirloom ?? =) for people on the same account =)
Gninja: Klaws – we have no plans to change the fragments

Tunaria: I just want to know if we are ever going to be able to change ascension classes on the fly. Even a 15 or 20 minute cooldown on swaps is better than what we have now
Caith: Tunaria – We don’t have any plans to allow ascension class swapping on the fly.

Blitzkriegan: with how long it takes to get Ascension books and levels up it feels more punishing for people with alts than fun. most new people coming to the game would have to spend months to even get into the good stuff the way things are
Kander: Blitzkreigan – We have plans to open up the Ascension classes and leveling them more and more as we approach expansion. We will make them easier for alts to level, etc.

Stach: will someone release what the ascension combos are suppose to be?
Klawssalot: should be some in the forums for combos, seen them before
Stach: but do we know which are broke or not?
Gninja: Stach – the ascension combos are in fact working.

Kiibbles: Question: will there be any changes to Ascension Combo’s to make it easier to notice or pull off w/o using special chat channels and ACT?
Caith: Kiibbles – You mean something other then chat messaging for when a spell is applied?

Eldoth: only question needing asked is , if i complete the sig line will it open everything axcension etc on toons on other servers
Gninja: Eldoth – no
Caith: Eldoth – There are no account wide unlocks unless you transfer a character with the alt baubles.
Kander: Eldoth, we are going to be removing the requirement for doing the KA signature lines to do ascension levels, so you’ll be able to just start them on alts. Soon TM.

Lestat: Will there be a bauble or veteran type bonus once a toon is fully ascended to help with the time gate wall of the 4 ascension classes for alt toons?
Kander: Lestat, no, but we will be adding more and more ways to get scrolls.

Azazzim: i actually have a question , re ascension scrolls , any plan to increase them as if you’re trying to focus on, one toon with there being no way to increase allowed exp its very limiting
Caith: Azazzim – We have lots of plans, more details in the future as they get closer.

Kittaene: we’ve had discussion in Guild today about the Ascension Scrolls–should players get rid of their extras when they hit 4th class?
Caith: Kittaene – No, but it won’t hurt them if the do.

Primordial: Are there any plans to make the Ascension grind a little easier, (Quicker) for alts on accounts that already have a 4×10 Ascension class?
Kander: Primordial – Yes, we are adding more ways to get scrolls with the GU and there will be lots of Ascension xp and scroll events over the summer.

Kittaene: Thoughts on Veteran Bonus for all 4 Ascensions completed, so easier for 2nd toon, etc?
Gninja: Kittaeneneae – No plans to have alts get a bonus for ascension past your first character. It doesnt play well with the per character bonus you get from having 1, 2, or 3 ascension classes maxed.
Caith: General – We do not have any plans to make an “Ascension” veteran bonus that works like the normal veteran bonus. However we have some things in the works that will provide similar benifits.

Acushla: Can you make it so when you max all 4 ascentions, you dont need to go to the trainer to switch, just casing the buff will chaing your asc type
Caith: Acushla We do not have any plans to make Ascension classes swappable on the fly.

Mogrim: @devs will there be any point to keeping old ascension scrolls once you’re level 10 in all 4 ascension classes?
Caith: Mogrim – Yes

Widem: So should i save up 50 scrolls b4 completing my last ascension?
Kander: Widem. sure

Arieva: Are the stats on the 4 ascension charm intended, It is missing Crit bonus?
Kander: Arieva – We will be adding crit bonus to the Ascension Charm. Soon TM.

Harrowstring: @Devs is Ascensions Combos gonna stay as Trigger reactions or will they become Heroic Opportunity’s in the future? =)
Caith: Horrowstring No changes currently planned

Harrowstring: @Devs is Ascensions Combos gonna stay as Trigger reactions or will they become Heroic Opportunity’s in the future? =)
Caith: Horrowstring No changes currently planned

Dontknow: @Devs don’t know if already asked but it would be nice if these were heirloom so our own alts could craft? Illegible Scroll Page: Necrotic Caress (Adept)
Caith: Dontknow – We do not have any plans to change the illegible scroll pages.

Epics / Epic Spells

Muldoran: Does the epic bauble only pertain to faction or does it encompass all pre reqs for epic 2.0
Kander: Muldoran, Just factions associated with the Epic quests.

Chrysolit: is it any possibility to make Greater Fragment of Planar Energy heirloom?
Kander: Chrysolit – We have no plans to make the shards heirloom at this time.

Batistabomb: @Devs any Chance Craft Epic 2.0 Spells for alts on same Acoount, drop Rate is verry low on the Book
Caith: We do not have plans to change any of the no-trade portions of the epic spell upgrades.

Tuxedos: any chance for a response about guard epic procing in other conditions than buff targets death?
Gninjadev: @Tuxedos Let your group die more, problem solved
Caith: Tuxedos I’ve been mulling over how to adjust it without making it too crazy OP again, yes.

Navari: Question. Sorry if this has been asked already just logged in. Any plans to make planar fragments heirloom or the spells at least?
Gninjadev: Navari – No plans right now

Nathox: Question: With the level increase to 110, will our Mythical Epic weapons this xpac be obsolete during the next one at level 110? Is anything being done to prevent our hard work being for nothing?
Gninjadev: Nathox – Epic weapons will remain powerful for next expansion
Kander: Epics will not be obsolete with expansion 14, they will still be a focus
Caith: What they said Nathox…
Jamiss: Hey, I want in on this: Epics still useful moving forward!

Gninjadev: There are no plans to make planar fragments heirloom or tradable

Rhita: my question is for Caith, the new epic guardian ability called Guardian, is there a way to get a deaggro added to it? Right now it just causes the dps to die twice
Caith: Rhita – It’s been suggested recently and I am looking at the guardian epic (among others)

Eluza: Will our epic weapons be upgraded or outright replaced when the level cap is raised to 110?
Kander: Eluza, epic weapons will stay relevent well past expansion 14. They will not be overshadowed by anything new.

enthiele: QUESTION: What do we do with this extra fragments we get after we finish with spells upgrade?????
Kander: Senthiele – I would hold on to those.

Rhita: question for Caith regarding the fighter epic questline, the first reward gives a fabled shield when we already get the shield from the Kunark Ascending questline, any chance of that changing to something more useful?
Caith: Rhita – The quest opens the effect on the Vylardin shield as well, so if you have that you get the bonus of the extra effect.

Kiibbles: Question: Will epic spells get a new look/balance pass when you redo class balance? The channeler ones either don’t crit or give us an ability we already have as an example.
Caith: Kiibbles Epic 2.0 abilities will continue to be tuned for all the times to come.

Vaizel: Question: is there possibility to make epic2 mainhand hot swap-able without removing it first? (greater-relic tagged)
Caith: Vaizel It’s on a list to look at, but it is a complicated system so there are other issues that take priority.

Akoriv: QUESTION @ Dev in charge of EPIC 2.0: Why is the SK the only tank the did NOT get any Mit, Block, or HP% boost on the weapon … none of those cannot be reforged into
Caith: We’ll take a look at the lack of defensive stats on the SK epic

Ubercornz: Question: Will Epic2 spells be reviewed and enhanced to keep up with new expac statflation. For example, wizard fury of the magus gives a +25 ferv increase which will have an ever diluted impact as expac statflation continues?
Kander: Ubercorns – Everything Epic 2.0 is currently planed to stay relevent with the new expansion this year. We do not plan to make anything epic 2.0 obsolete any time soon. [ Well, except some of the item rewards that were given out]

Azraels: With the level cap increase next xpac will the Epic 2.0 become outleveled or will it carry over like it was advertised (being relevent for 2 years)? If this has been asked already I apologize, I just logged in. Thanks.
Gninja: Azraels – Epic 2.0 weapons will remain useful in next expansion
Caith: Azraels No, the epic 2.0′s will continue to be very relevent

Dewrun: WHat currency are we going to be able to purchase the Faction Baubles with?
Kander: Dewrun- Its one bauble for all factions needed for all the Epic 2.0 quests and it will be close to free or plat, as in a couple of plat.

Bendark: Are planar frags ever gonna be useful after youre done with your epic spell upgrades?
Kander: Bendark, possibly
Caith: Bendark – We do not have any plans to expand the use of the planer fragments

Airial: The time lock was 2 years for the Epic 2.0 to be BiS, is thet really viable for lvl 110???
Caith: Airial – Yes. See [redacted upcoming feature] for details.
Kander: Airial, Yes. It is.

Kerstyn: @devs would one of you please define “profession abilities”?
Caith: Kerstyn – Abilities you gain from leveling up your adventure class.

Bendark: Do you guys aim to test class rebalancing before next expac beta?
Kander: Bendrak, yes, during expansion beta.

Airial: ok, so Epic Myths will be attainable with the level increase for us
Gninja: Airial – Mythical epic 2.0s will still likely be difficult as they require end game encounters to complete. Even next expac those fight might still be pretty difficult.

Toadilly: Is there any intention to bring the new fervor based Epic 2.0 abilities online with the orange adornment? For example the illi 25 fervor buff with 8% uptime isnt much compared to 150 fervor with 40 % uptime
Caith: Toadilly – Thankfully, the epic abilities stack with it!

Dalca: Dev’s – i play a ranger and heard rumor that you might change the dps on my new epic 2.0 hawk, any coments?
Caith: Dalca – I don’t comment on rumors I don’t start.

Kittaene: This one from Guild today: Will the Epic 2.0 completion Bauble work cross server?
Gninja: Kittaeneeae – Its bought from a merchant so you would have to transfer a character to the server you wanted to use it on.
Kander: Kittaene, you have to have a character on the server that has completed the Epic 2.0.

Raenick: Question 1: You had mentioned in a message that there would be an item you can purchace to get the requirements for your epic 2.0 done. Does that only work on the class you already did it on? Does it work if a fighter did it and
Raenick: a mage wants to get the item and have his epic 2.0? Or can you bypass the crafting prerequirement?
Kander: Raenick, its a faction bauble for all epic 2.0 quests. It has all the factions needed for the Epic 2.0s. It does not have epic 1.0 factions or quest requirements.

Slowin: Regarding Defiler/Mystic warding bug — Has this been acknowledged or have you as of yet been unable to replicate what we are seeing on certain encounters where groups take more damage if not healed by a mystic?
Gninja: Slowin – We need to fix the messaging first in order to get accurate information for defiler/mystic wards/heals. Once we do that we can check the differences

Mogrim: @Caith are Epic 2.0 ability balance changes coming any time soon?
Caith: Mogrim – The epic 2.0 spells will all be reviewed in the upcoming balance tweaks. Those will be consitently reviewed through the next couple years.

Slowin: @Dev — Are you aware that the SK ability Gravebond does not always persist through death and thus the offensive stance must be toggled on and off to regain the effects?
Caith: Slowin – That is the first I have heard of that, and I main an SK. I’ll take a look, but without repro steps it may not be on top of any priorities.

Holgoo: With combat mit/damage ratios being fixed with the upcoming update /crosses fingers, Do you guys see guilds obtaining mythicals this expansion?
Caith: Holgoo – Depends, are you the tank? I keed, I keed.
Gninja: Holgoo – You can get your mythical right now. Get gud.

Yaneth: @ devs for fighter epic first quest we get a shield which is useless because we get ethereal for from KA timeline any way we can fix that?
Kander: Yaneth – We could add a lot more shield breaking to heroic and raid mobs.

Bleeden: @Gninja thx for answering also will there be an in detail description ofthe baubles for alts with factions how does it work is it all factions based off your most advanced character etc?
Gninja: Bleeden – It should have a description on the item yes. If it doesnt or is confusing let us know

Bloodrain: @devs i want to put my EPIC in my offhand in my wardrobe any way we can do that?
Kander: Bloodrain, not currently. No plans to make it so.

Deities / Tithe

Willrob: Hi kander , any update on when account wise tithe will be introduced ?
Kander: Willrob – We are working on it, Its tougher than we expected to implement.

Firi: Deity System please tell us the key whats with deity points –>> 30 = 30% Base Pot and over 30? +0,5 +0,1 ??? @Kander
Kander: Deity System will have specifics posted with the patch notes.

Errrror: Will there be any changes to the approach to Account Wide Tithe that does not punish those who have played alts or differing toons within the past 2 years?
Kander: Errror, we’re still looking at it. Nothing is set in stone.

Lighthouse: Can we make deity points account based, so that we don’t need to do the incredible grind for points on all of our alts?
Caith: Lighthouse – Check the Kander’s Candor on the forums

Radelia: will there ever be more deities added to the game? prexus and veeshan still missing from eq1, for example?
Kander: Radelia, we do not have any plans to add any new deities at this time.

Auxic: Devs – Are they any plans or ideas around Tithe being account wide?
Kander: Auxic – Yes, we are working on plans for Tithe to be shared accross characters.

Calixxia: Could you guys clarify how you’re going to convert the current tithe xp system to account-wide?
Caith: Calixxia The highest amount on the account is copied over to all other characters on the account. So if you have a toon with 30, and another with 10, they will both have 30.

Nuadha: Could the Deity point cap be lifted? 10 just feels to low.
Kander: Nuadha , yes, we’ll raise it to 11.
Caith: Nuadha – We do not have any plans to rais the tithe point cap at this time.
Caith: Kander lies to you

Shutyer: @Devs Can we raise tithe cap from 10 to 15 or 20 as this is more than enough. Right now 10 feels as though we are losing out when double exp, daily quests, weekly rewards.
Caith: Shutyer – We have no plans to increase the tithe point cap

Indyrah: @Devs can you quantify at this time what you mean by “diminishing returns” with pot and cb deity points above 30? ty
Caith: Indyrah – Without going into each tier specifics, say level 1-29 gives your 1% increase, 30-39 gives you 0.7% per, then 40-49 gives 0.6%

Combat / Raids

Animalistico: hey gninja are raid mobs gonna have less combat mitigation soon please?
Gninjadev: @Animalistico Combat mit is getting lowered slightly across the board for the may update

Luminii: Pls fix chanter dps on T4 raid mobs @ caith
Gninjadev: @Luminii We are working on the physical versus magical damage disparity on tier3/4 raid bosses. We are hoping to have it rectified by the may update.

Mordrain: Is there any plan on making auto-attack-dmg usefull again to compete with pure spellcasting-buttonsmashing ?
Gninjadev: @Mordrain You should never expect a passive way of dealing damage to be on par with active gameplay.

Firi: @Caith so notice atm chanters lost 90% DPS on T4 i when u balance pls set focus on supp and dps on ALL Classes i never see this unbalance atm templar and Scouts highest DPS and illly u only can use for buffs / Reset and buff bot
Gninjadev: @Firi we are aware. We are working on the damage differences for next update

Magolemus: WHy Shanaira the prestigious raid mob why right ones comob doesnt work right? when mob will be fixed ?
Gninjadev: @Magolemus the combos do work, check her messaging when she goes to cast and it will give you hints on how to react. It is 100% working correctly

Gigglezz: Is there any plans on fixing the combat mit or should I say adjusting the 2nd named and forward in Vaed: Heart of Nightmares, so raid progression can continue?
Gninjadev: Gigglezz but to answer the question regarding Combat Mit, we are hoping to get some adjustments in for the may update to bring the magical damage more in line with the physical
Gninjadev: That doesnt mean fights will get easier in terms of scripts in tier4 though

Gigglezz: understood, just appears those named are pretty unkillable in their current state but maybe with the new gear, it might make it doable
Gninjadev: Gigglezz – just because they haven’t been killed doesnt mean they are not killable. If you remember that was said about Shanaira the Prestigious

Gigglezz: Gninja: agreed, but that was only after some adjustment
Gninjadev: Gigglezz the adjustments made to Shainara were minimal and did not really make the fight any easier it just caused more guilds to try.

Ledastray: the raid mob ‘shade’ does he drop chainmail versions of thisAscended Martial Pattern or is it just leather / cloth only?
Gninjadev: Ledastray – No he does not, those drops are on a different boss. Your princess is in another castle.

Ubercornz: t4 raid mobs is it intended that only physical damage seems to have an effect on them?
Gninja: Ubercornz – We are aware of the damage disparity of physical versus magical damage on tier3/4 raid bosses. We are planning to get it fixed by may update

Malayshia: I have a question about the amount of damage current melee auto attack does its doesnt do that much and was wondering if you guys were figuring out a way to make it more viable again?
Caith: Malayshia – Passive auto attack damage will never be as high as damage from pressing buttons.

Laffite: Question: If you have more RESOLVE than the mobs, do you get any benefits from that?
Gninja: Laffite – No

Jewkboks: [Suggestion] would it be possible that a system be put in place for ignoring Raid Strat. If the 24 raiders have killed one mob 10 times with full strat they could burn it straight if they have the DPS, so we can focus on progress
Gninja: Jewkboks – We have no plans to let you kill bosses without doing strats. Especially going forward.

Jewkboks: @gninja ok just sad that some fight takes 15 mins and you have too much dps with auto attack now
Gninja: Jewkboks if there are specific fights you feel take a super long time with players doing nothing shoot me a PM and we can discuss it
Gninja: Jewkboks – some encounters have already been changed to make them less boring/time intensive.

Cleanse: Gninja: When is the “Panic” mechanic being removed now that ascension abilities have been fixed?
Gninja: Cleanse I have no plans to remove panic scripts but if there is one you are hitting more than otehrs I can take a look at easing it a little bit but not to the point you can ignore scripts
Cleanse: As content improves and we get more gear. Especially with the new Epilogue fervor rune. T3′s are going to require alot of stopping to not hit the panic mechanic
Gninja: Cleanse – let me rephrase. We dont plan to change them while they are current content. Once they are not current we will likely relax them

Nomomo: @Devs, do mobs currently have mitigation/resist values other than combat mitigation that would otherwise reduce incoming damage? I would assume they are part of the mob’s base package.
Caith: Nomomo – Mobs do not use positive regular mitigation, no. However they do use negative regulard mitigation (debuffs).

Rhita: Question, there is a named in the raid Vaedenmoor, Realm of Despair, who drops a pattern which is brawler only, all those pieces have 20 resolve but thats the only pattern he seems to drop. Was that intended or is it a bug?
Gninja: Rhita – intended. Other classes for that slot drop elsewhere

Nathox: Question: Will the Resolve mechanic continue to be used in Heroic and Raid encounters next xpac?
Gninjadev: Nathox – short answer, yes resolve will be used going forward. Longer answer, we will be making sure that the resolve values are set at the low end of what is needed to succeed in the encounters.

Gninja: @Falqu We would have to rework some stuff on the avatars in Precipice of Power in order to remove the 21 player restriction. We dont plan to so that anytime soon. Sorry!

Inebreeated: @ Devs plz change the raid grouping so that a person with a merc can be moved as a single person between the raid groups? The mercs make PQ raids a real pain to manage now
Caith: Inebreeated – Not possible to to seperate the merc from the owner unfortunately

Inebreeated: @Caith not what i’m asking, asking to combine the two so they can be moved between groups, currently cannot if player has merc up
Caith: Inebreeated – Ahh, gotcha. Will look into it.

Bishka: Are you going to make a way for non elite players to be able to raid ?
Gninja: @Bishka there are all different difficulty raids. The entry level raids are not that difficult. If you are having difficulties feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about it

Kabongg: /in order to make raids more challenging in the future will we see new stratigies or strats being randomized on the named mobs?
Gninja: Kabongg – We don’t typically make randomized strats on boss mobs.

Clintsat: will we be seeing more X2 raids in the future?
Gninja: Clintsat – Not anytime soon. X2 zones are very underused traditionally

Kahu: @ Devs where are we going to have a Peat Bog raid zone?
Caith: Kahu – Peat bog is a raid zone. It has a big ugly slime.

Unclebrig: any chance on combat mit/resolve going away since it been an issue since you broiugh them into teh game
Caith: Unclebrig – No

Falqu: Is there a way to promote PUG style raids so that all my friends can join and not worry about messing up lockouts? Raid lockouts currently prevent community interaction by preventing people from helping and having fun.
Gninja: Falqu – Sure we can do raids without lockouts but they will not have rewards

Yavie: @devs Will you be giving those of us that don’t raid any love in the next expansion?
Kander: Yavie – We already work hard to make sure that there are excellent items in all play styles, and not just all the best of the best in Raids. We will be continueing this philosophy going forward with expansion14 and on.

Kerstyn: @ devs would it ever be possible to add “observer” slots to a raid (that wouldn’t be able to affect any content or mechanic) thereby allowing raiders on deck to be present and connected with their raid force?
Gninja: Kerstyn – Not with the current tech, no. No plans to either.

Udollen: I have noticed that with several different expacs you have used different scores for chars such as crit mit and now resolve are you planning on sticking with resolve or should we expect another type of gear score in the future
Gninja: Udollen – We plan to continue using resolve in the future. Entry level resolve should never be overly restrictive though. If you think some zones are send them to us and we can look

Udollen: thank you gninja I was hoping that you would stick with resolve we need a standard instead of switching every expac you guys are doing a great job
Gninja: Udollen – We went with resolve over crit mit so it wouldn’t be an all or nothing system. Since if you are under resolve by a little bit you can still participate instead of being one shot.

Pleasedie: devs…..you planning to include some x2 or x3 content?
Gninja: Pleasedie – Not anytime soon no

Shakacon: Question: What classes are considered Tier1 DPS? (I ask because I read the prior AMAs and it was mentioned swashie was not and I always thought they were so I wondered which ones are).
Caith: Shakacon – It shifts based on what the class brings to the groupd/raid outside of DPS. If a class brings a lot of support and buffs, they will not be as high on the intended DPS scale as one that is nothing but boomstick.

Exoi: Are there any plans to add any new lower level raid zones? There are very few but I enjoy the lower level playing.
Gninja: Exoi – We don’t have any plans to introduce new lower level raid zones. The usage of those zones would not warrant the time involved with making them.

Kittaene: @Devs: Any X2 Raids forthcoming??
Gninja: Kittaene – We have no current plans to add an X2 raid anytime soon

Nuadha: @Devs. Would it be possible to create instances of group/raid zones, and invite people cross servers? Maybe even someone similar to dungeon finder, but with more options to build your group.?
Gninja: Nuadha – Cross server dungeons / raids are not exactly easy to setup. We were able to make the new Co-opetition zones able to be cross server though so go check those out after the update.

Daxx: QUESTION–what can we expect in terms of the COmbat Mitigation nerf?
Caith: Daxx That it will go down.
Gninja: Daxx – There won’t be a combat mit nerf so to speak. We are rebalancing it to take into account teh disparity between physical and magical damage and as a result damage will likely go up slightly but its not a nerf to combat mit.

Vuldamaz: Will there be end game 2x raids?
Gninja: Vuldamaz – We have no plans for any new X2 raids

Holgoo: @Caith Have you guys been able to figure out the problem with t4 mobs taking physical dmg more so than any other damage types?
Caith: Holgoo – We’ve got some tweaks for the t4 mobs coming that should balance things out.

Raenick: @Devs Will there be a x2 raid zone? Maybe a throwback to the original Kunark xpac in EQ1?
Gninja: Raenick – No plans for any X2 raids.

Acki: @Raid Devs: Will the disparity on heals in T3/T4 Encounters be fixed since it is not just a messaging problem and an actual issue with mechanics giving non mystics a hard time?
Gninja: Acki – We are doing some heal balancing with the update this month. We will see how that goes and go from there

Widem: Will the expert raid zones be tuned before the gear becomes irrelevant?
Gninja: Widem – Expert zones should be getting some rebalancing in regards to combat mit with the update this month.

Crystasha: is there any chance you make make the first and third names in Vaedenmoor less of a snooze for most of the DPS?
Gninja: Crystasha – If you are having problems with specific fights taking longer than you want feel free to send me a PM on forums. In regards to first fight in Vaedenmoor its already a really fast kill, no plans to change it

Slowin: @Devs – has anyone cleared the last named in Reaver’s Expert Challenge and is this zone at the intended level of difficulty?
Gninja: Slowin – Yes some have and yes its intended to be expert level challenge.

Jokis: @Devs Any plans to decrease the difficulty of getting our spells and combat arts (Grandmastered+)??
Caith: Jokis – Getting your spells to the top tier should take work, so no.

Taiyla: @Devs….. Could you please add text on Terris to tell us who cast with Daydream?
Gninja: Taiyla – That would be kinda spammy don’t ya think?
Gninja: I can add fail text to Daydream yeah.

Sharpcharm: — @DEVS — Autoattack damage has taken a big hit recently with the explosion of potency. Any chance to have more stats affect autoattack damage so classes who rely on it can remain relevant?
Gninja: Sharpcharm – yes we have and will be adding more auto attack stat type stuff but I wouldn’t expect it to get back where it was. You should never expect passive damage to be on par or better than actively pressing buttons

Sharpcharm: — @Caith — like the autoattack question from Gninja, possible for Reactives like Hostage, Spell Curse and Destructive Mind to be affect by Doublecast or possibly behave like UNDA and get a damage boost from Spell Doublecast?
Caith: Sharpcharm – I’ll look into it….as soon as the spam stops

Shutyer: @Gninja any chance that lever is going in?
Gninja: Shutyer – Lever?
Shutyer: @Gninja in Realm of Despair
Gninja: Shutyer – a lever in Realm of Despair…. for what?
Shutyer: @Gninja the first floating bridge that gets stuck sometimes, you mentioned you might put a lever.
Gninja: Shutyer – Yeah Ill look at it, have it written down
Gear / Items

Archbeast: @Caith is a relic tag on Tome of the Ascended will stay in future? rumors are different
Caith: Archbeast – The tag on the Tome of the Ascended was brought from greater relic to regular relic, we do not have any plans to remove the current relic tag.

Errrror: Will items dropped in the new GU ‘co-op’ zones make most current items irrelevant?
Caith: Eeeroorrr – Some slots will be best in slot there, but the vast majority of the current best in slots will remain so.

Twinbladed: will Tome of the Ascended have crit bonus added to it and become non relic as we have way to many relic pieces while slots like Exemplar Platemail Sabatons are better
Caith: Twinbladed We do not have any plans to remove the Relic tag from the Tome of the Ascended, however we may review it’s stats.

Stabbeze: any chance of getting the relic tag removed from some of the gear, theres way to much of it
Gninjadev: Stabbeze – if we remove the relic tag from those items the stats would likely go down as a result
Caith: Stabbeze – We do not have any current plans to remove the relic tag from the items that it is currently on.

Ahmayzing: Can you change the 2.0 epic quests so that you don’t have to have a raid to complete some parts? Just have one group?
Gninjadev: There are no epic steps in the epic 2.0 quests (other than the mythical part)
Gninjadev: epic as in raid steps heh
Kander: Ahmaying, all parts of the current epics should be attainable with a single group, except the mythical portion, of course.

Ledastray: will new orange fervor stack with purple fervor procs?
Kander: Ledastray, No they will not stack.

Buzzilla: repeat QUESTION regarding ethereal runes and the orange adorn–they will not stack but can the purple one still proc while the orange one is on cooldown?
Caith: Buzzilla – No they cannot

Zeddie: Are the new Familiars going to be upgradable via the cash / dbc shop?
Gninjadev: Zeddie Familiars will be able to be earned in game

Kadmusz: moooore questions … does the new orange rune negate the old ethereals? I promise to never miss another summer event .. tell me I never need to go to KP again
Kander: Kadmusz They do not stack, if that is what you are asking.

Balthuss: Do you ever plan on allower more than 2 relic items to be used?
Kander: Balthuss, not currently, but it could change with the expansion… maybe.

Khamclown: in specific kander, does the new orange rune prevent any slot war rune from proccing or does it just nbot stack with the fervor runes
Kander: Khamclown, that would be the specific terminology of “not stacking”.

Laffite: DEVs – any plans to raise the RELIC ITEM CAP?
Kander: Laffite – we do not currently have plans to increase the relic cap.

Apexo: ,y question for the devs with the familiar coming soon have to be purchased or quested to get
Mooncast: @Apexo — Familiars will drop in current lvl 100 content as well as available on the Marketplace

Icevein: the new Orange Adornments, Will they be available to all once they receive their Epic?
Kander: Epilogue Adornements and Epilogue quests only require you to have completed your heroic epic 2.0 quest.

Cleanse: Question: Are the “Familiars” next expansion a new type of pet that you level up? Or a static once-acquired item that does not upgrade?
Mooncast: @Cleanse — Currently Familiars are static (non-upgrading)

Auxic: Devs – Can you implement changing colors of armor at an NPC? I would like to customize my gear colors =)
Caith: Auxic Armor dying will never be possible with our underlying art system, sorry.

Stach: Is there anyway to stop making zones drops be 80 percent leather?
Caith: Stach – PLay a monk, then it is all plate.

Salvatore: Question dev please: the Relic restriction really restricts my gear options as a solo player, is there any plan to adjust the rules, remove the tags on some items, or make a change for solo players to have access to nonrelic?
Caith: Salvatore That is specifically what the relic tag is for.

Heidegger: in the future: will the buff from this preorder item Arcanna’se Effigy of Rebirth also be available for other players?
Kander: Heidegger – We haven’t discuss that, but possibly.

Corydonn: Polygamy for Heartbound feature?
Gninjadev: We have no plans to change heartbound.

Frightbringer: @Kander Could you disable mariage buff or at least increase the duration to 3 hours (duration of a raid) plz ?
Gninjadev: We have no plans to change heartbound

Merianna: any chance of gettting Heartbound to be account wide, it’s annoying having to go reheartbound when my heartbound needs to play an alt in raid
Gninja: Merianna – We have no plans to change heartbound

Cleanse: Question: Do you have any planned changes to Heartbound. In particular it’s duration so it’s less disruptive to raiding?
Gninja: Cleanse – no plans to change heartbound

Zelnora: Kandar R we ever going to be able to equip more then 2 Relics om 1 toon?
Kander: Zelnora, No plans to allow more than 2 relics at this time. 2 Relics, 1 greater Relic

Gabo: Gninja or whoever… Is there any plans to add accolades to sub 100lvl mercxx ?????
Kander: Gabo, Yeah, we’ll add some to all level rangers, for accolages
Kander: We’ll add some lower level accolades to the crafted stuff this year. Making a note

Ygrainne: when will the No-Value tage be removed so we can sell this for status like it says we can, but cannot because it is No-Value?
Caith: Ygrainne That was done to close an exploit, so it is unlikely to be reverted any time in the near future.

Scabz: are you planning on expanding merc slots for more gear, and giving them the ability yo equip[ and benefit from the newest purple set bonus”s
Caith: Scabz – Mercenary equipment will be expanded on in the expansion.

Aenoruk: Will New Itemization be coming with Class Balances next expansion?
Kander: Lots of new itemization with expansion, yes
Caith: Aenoruk – We will consider putting in new items in the expansion yes, but it is still under discussion.

Oscillococcinum: @ Gninja how many of the new items are going to have orange rune slots available?
Caith: Oscillococcinum – We don’t give itemization details out until things are discovered. Wouldn’t be very exciting to “discover” something that was listed on a big spreadsheet on your desktop already.

Devilsbrew: Question – are Ethereal drop rates in Kralet Penumbra nerfed or the same as always?
Gninja: Devilsbrew – We have not changed the droprate on the ethereal stuff in Kralet.

Daxx: Back to the rare merchant–Can we expect one with this xpac?
Caith: Daxx – Probably yes

Kittaene: Hmm, with all my typing: was there an answer on whether we could get a currency exchange between the current PQ Currency and the Crusader’s Medals, so folks can buy the Recipes?
Caith: Kittaene – There will either be an exchange or the items made avaliable from another source soon.
Caith: tm

Leonitas: one cool idea ive seen often,from many players: will a pocket chronomage ever be offered, in any form?
Gninja: Leonitas – We have no plans to add a chronomage you can take with you, too much potential for exploits… You have been added to our watch list

Sykle: Will there be a rare items merchant ?
Caith: Sykle – Most likely, yes.

Yaneth: How much resolve will we have total if we use the boost to level 100 ( u say it comes with gear strong enough for new content) i want to know how strong the gear will be though like resolve wise
Gninja: Yaneth – the boost characters will have enough resolve to do entry level content in current expac.

Caith: General – We do not have any plans to remove the relic tags off of any of the items that currently have them.

Antaeus: Any chance we could get a currency merchant that would trade old, outdated currency for newer relevent ones?
Caith: Antaeus – No, never going to happen.

Taligia: will there be a way made to earn the wantia ability mod and crit bonus recipes. No longer possible to get 1200 crusaders metals since no one will do Tot PQ
Caith: Taligia – No, but there will be ways to get better ones…
Kander: Taligia – Crusaders medals will be able to be bought with Sovereigns.

Rettt: @DEVS: The Heartstone buff is too short for heroic zones and especially for raiders!!! How about extending the buff; OR give Tinkerers relevence again beyond the 350 it takes for a mender bot and make a tinkered heartstone ???
Gninja: Rettt – no plans to change heartbound

Arieva: Will damaged greed adorns be made sellable for status again..or should we start destroying them and freeing up bag space!
Caith: Arieva – There are no plans to make them sellabe again.

Razpberry: also can we have heartbind benefits a bit longer?
Gninja: Raz – no plans to change heartbound

Sarynkor: @Devs please please lower the cost on Alberich the wise or add more lion mounts to the game please, with normal colours and eyes e.g browns, whites etc
Kander: Sarynkor – We could maybe do that. Or put in another way to get.

Bleeden: @ Gninja can I get an answer? will you guys add call of the veteran to market place at this point everyone has played for a number of years can we buy it on our new accounts?
Gninja: Bleeden – We will have to discuss it.

Holgoo: @gninja Can you please remove the fish of sad exploitation and give it to me, ty
Gninja: Holgoo – Gnope

Delsirable: @DEVs : any possibilty of adding occasional fable drops off of advanced solo zones to help better gear up for groups for those of us that can’t raid but want to group
Caith: Delsirable – The solo zones already get you into gear appropriate to starting the heroics.

Xxtacii: @DEVS – Will we be able to have more than 2 relics?
Caith: Xxtacii – No

Fabricius: @Devs Is there any way to make Crusader Medals more attainable for a realistic way to get the Wantia Adornment books? Currently getting 1200 medals from Thalumbral PQ’s will take months or more.
Caith: Fabricius – Yes, but also look for new adornment options upcoming soon.

Housing / Guilds

Honey: Any plans for new house that wont be part of buying next expansion?
Mooncast: @Honex — I’m working towards that That is definitely a goal of mine

Chipie: Question: there are a LOT of broken quests out there… any chance they will get fixed? Or they are not relevant anymore, 2 suggestions: 1 make house fuel debot larger please! and bring LON items in game, event or whatever
Caith: Chipie – We do not have any plans right now about increasing the size on the depots. There may be new ones made avaliable sometime in the future however.

Honex: any plans on increasing the guild hall amenity cap?
Kander: Honex, we may be upgrading old amenities, raising the cap is not out of the question either.

Kialyn: Speaking of houses, would there be any chances of getting prestige homes based on the grottos in Moonlight Enchantments?
Mooncast: @Kialyn — unsure, but I can definitely take a look at that

Stabwoundz: @DEVS: can we get permissions for individual ranks in guild amenities instead of “Visitor, Friend, Trustee”
Jamiss: Cannot Stabwoundz as those are related to house access and not guild rank

Theodora: @ Devs Can you please make Guild Hall Hirelings so they can be customized like the House Actors please?
Kander: Theodora, we have plans for that. It is a ton of work to change.

Inebreeated: @ Devs – Please make trophies able to be placed in character homes and not just guild halls
Gninja: Inebreeated – We can look at it, sure.

Kelci: Can we get a Reforger hireling in the guild hall please?
Kander: Kelci – No plans to put reforging NPCs in Guild halls any time soon.

Phiea: Is there any way you guys can let us use prestige homes as guild halls… I am talking amenities and everything….
Caith: Phiea – No personal houses as guild halls, sorry.

Exoi: Are they looking at adding any new Guild halls soon?
Gninja: Exoi – We are always on the lookout for cool guildhalls to make so you might see some in the future. Can’t give any timelines though

Ennia: can you make the expansion building blocks from KA and ToT not heirloom or no trade?
Caith: Ennia – Claim items will not be changed to freely tradable.

Kayoss: @devs could Dungeon maker items be made into regular house items please?
Caith: Kayoss – Cnope
Caith: Kayoss – To expand, the current items will not be made into house items. If there is a list of specific items you would like to see as house items, we can make house item versions. Send me a list

Zinj: I’d be happier if they expanded the number of items you could put in houses.
Gninja: Zinj – increasing the number of items allowed in houses and guildhalls would increase the amount of lag in them so its a double edged sword.

Exoi: Would keeping the Housing zones smaller help with the lag? Some of them lately including guild halls are way to big.
Gninja: Exoi – The size of items does not reduce lag the zone still has to load the same number of shaders/geo etc. So it does not reduce lag.

Xaedra: As far as tiles and dividers, I would like to see a “snap to” grid feature so they fit seamlessly, but just dreaming here lol
Gninja: Xaedra – Thats not really something our engine could really do without a major rewrite sorry.

Primordial: Put reforgers in GH’s at least
Kander: No Guild Hall Reforger. No. Nope, Nope. No.

Ellieon: are we going to get more teapots?! Nights of the dead teapots please?
Mooncast: @Ellieon I will keep teapots in mind

Lenanu: @Devs Any chance we can get item count for player housing and guildhalls to be increased? Espically t3/t4 halls as there just isn’t enough limit to decorate all rooms
Gninja: Lenanu – No plans to increase number of items allowed in housing or guildhalls. More items = more lag

Trollheals: Any plans to add more guild hall amenities?
Gninja: Trollheals – Not at this time

Lenanu: @Devs Any chance we’ll be able to buy/sell houses with other players, or transfer ownership like heirloom to our own alts? So decorators could get their achivement and then move the house? still waiting for an answer
Kander: Lenanu – We dont have any plans for anything like that, we attempted it a while back with bad results. – Decorating and selling houses, to be exact.

Archnecro: @DEVS any plans to increase the capacity on personal depots? or add an item that can be applied to them?
Caith: Archnecro – We will not be increasing the capacity on the current depots, we may add larger ones in the future.

Daemora: @Caith Will any new prestige homes be hitting the Marketplace anytime soon?
Caith: Daemora – None that I know of

Fellkorn: @ devs can you fix it when you drop a guild flag in a zone so that when you take the flag everyone goes to the same instance of that zone
Gninja: Fellkorn – We have no plans to allow folks to bypass the maxium limit on zones (which is why some get separated)


Mreean: nothing was in Kander’s Candor or the Producer’s Letter about crafting – are we getting any crafting love this time around?
Kander: Mreean, Yes, crafting levels will be increased with the expansion this year, same as adventure levels with new recipes and content.
Kander: Nathox, No updates for tradeskilling with the May update, no.

Uxtalzon: New question I pulled out of my butt: any plans of letting players take up a secondary tradeskill, like I’m 100 armorer but I can possibly raise Metalworking or Tailoring as well?
Kander: Uxtalzon, no plans for that any time soon.

Ritilin: Any plans for tradeskillers to be able to contribute to guild status beyond the level 100?
Caith: Ritilin – Tradeskillers can contribute to guild status by doing the daily or weekly missions. We have no plans to make rush orders contribute to guild leveling above level 100.

Zanzviolet: yes that is my question, who is the main dev for crafting and for decorating (housing)
Gninja: @Zanzviolet – Right now its kinda spread out with a few people. Best to send Kander anything crafting related and he can get it to the right person

Crankish: Can we talk you into giving players the choice between an adventure level 100 bauble and a crafting one?
Kander: Crankish, we have no plans to make a TS heroic character bauble.

Crankish: Will crafters be given new container recipes in the expansion, like bigger bags and boxes?
Caith: Crankish – Inventory space is one of our biggest contributers to lag, outside of combat spam itself, so we will not be increasing bag size for this upcoming expansion. I would rather find ways to decrease the bag space you NEED.

Kayoss: making furniture stackable in bags would reduce teh number of bag slots needed 8)
Gninja: We can make chairs stackable but only up to 3. Anymore they will fall over and hurt someone
Gninja: That was a joke btw, don’t quote me bro!

Leonitas: can the 5% tinkered crafting tools work just from bags, just like the 1% and 2% ones? i swore they used to, but now they need to be worn.
Caith: Leonitas – I’ll take a look.

Kayoss: @Devs I would like a quantity TWO under craft multiples, rather than jsut 1 or 5 I would use 2 most!
Caith: Kayoss – Sorry, you will have to continue crafting twice for such a low multiple.

Crankish: Can you make portals that guilds can give out to other players so the other players can port to their guild hall?
Caith: Crankish Not a bad idea, I’ll take a look.

Sarynkor: When are we going to get more craftable tents? Only 1 out of the current ones we can make doesn’t have a hole in it!
Caith: Sarynkor – Tents need ventilation. Campfire beans r bad.

Roue: @ caith no i am a carpenter and would like to maybe cook as well bored of making furniture but dont want to reroll a new crafting toon
Caith: Roue – We discussed the topic of multi classing crafting, but there are too many technical hurdles for it in the near future.

Daemora: @Kander Can you please let us know if someone else has filled Domino’s shoes for us decorators?
Gninja: Daemora – We dont have any announcement on who will replace Domino but tradeskills and all that will still get the same level of attention

Quenner: are there any plans on updateing crafting boxes so the can hold more.. liike fuel box etc?
Quenner: personal Harvest stuff
Caith: Qeunner – Inventory space is onee of the larger contributers to lag, so until we have a solid handle on reducing the lag we will not be making any larger inventory boxes. If you mean depots, it was answered previously…
Caith: Larger depots will be made avaliable

Burnt Key

Magolemus: Why Burnt key drop only in obolus, why it cant drop in all obolous ?
Gninjadev: @magelemus it does drop in all versions of Obulus

Illistrious: what do you need to do in order for key to drop
Gninjadev: Illistrious – We aren’t going to give out exactly how it works. Its intended to be mysterious.

Exothermik: Whats the chance of getting more then once a day drop for the burnt key………… Not fair to ppl that have RL and actaully have to work…….. Kander?
Gninjadev: Exothermik – There are no plans to change the rate of the burnt key given in Obulus but we have been tossing around some ideas for other places it could be given. No details right now though.
Gninjadev: Exothermik – the key currently is given out 2-3 times a day not once.

Senthiele: ok i have two questions first is what do yall have plan for assassin and other is what is the deal with people getting multi burnt keys after they have recieve one i know friends that have got 8 burnt keys
Gninja: Senthiele – There was a short time right after expac launch where someone could get a second key but that has since been changed. It is once per character.

Abinitio: @Devs, The current burnt key method excludes many many players due to time of day drop and only in one zone. Any chance you can have it drop more often and in multiple zones? Everyone deserves a chance at getting it regardless.
Gninja: Abinito – The key already drops multiple times a day and in all versions of Obulus.

Piggle: Fake news on the key imho
Gninja: Piggle – Yes, alot of the information out there is fake news, I agree!

Rhita: Question- is there any chance of changing the burnt key to drop in any current lvl 100 content? sucks to run zones and not be eligible
Gninja: Rhita – Not currently any plans but we’ve been idscussion additional ways to possibly earn it.

Auxic: Can you give 13 Year Vets a Burnt Key as a reward instead of a depressing empty mailbox?
Gninja: Auxic – Gnope


Tolpapsihov: What about PvP? Is it gone forever?
Kander: Tolpapsihov we no plans to expand pvp.

Blastit: Would you explain the pvp changes that are upcoming? I couldn’t grasp it from your previous post
Caith: Blastit – We have no plans for any pvp changes in the near future.

Alway: @Devs – will we ever see BGs again – or any form of PvP
Gninja: Alway – No


Noctew: Kander do you have any plans you can share for making playing multiple alts viable again? At the moment it is way to time consuming to play mor than 1 or 2 chars
Kander: Noctew – We do , we’re working on lots of stuff for the summer, we have the alt buable coming for Epic 2.0s and other plans to speed things up for everyone.

Halfwar: Are we ever going to see a fix to the upredictability of the “Calll of the Veteran” actualy working or not?
Jamiss: @Halfwar, we’ve attempted to address Call of the Veteran in several ways and it has had several improvements to it, but transferring from one location to another specific location in a zone can always be tricky as there are a lot
Jamiss: … of checks and verifications that have to happen before we perform the move.

Halfwar: @Jamiss, well in trhe case that it fails, can you at least prevent the time out from kicking in?
Jamiss: @Halfwar, I have it wrote down, but can’t make any guarantees.

Ratulia: @kander can we get the ability to reforge into mitigation, would help the tanks
Caith: Ratulia – We have no plan to add mitigation to the reforger

Adaman: @devs I would love to see some more meaning in the “slayers” achievement. I,E damage reduction / extra damage bonus. After have killed millions of undeads, droags etc in 12 years one deserve more than a title :_D
Caith: Adaman – That would be cool, and I have a couple ideas on how we may do so, so we’ll see.

Heidegger: @ devs could you please add us a few more hotbars please?
Caith: Heidegger There are performance hits to adding new hotbars, we have no intention of adding any new ones.

Crowknow: With populations declining on AB, its becoming very hard to find groups. Will you be planning on merging servers, creating a mega server or even revamping the dungeon finder for the new content?
Kander: Crowknow We do not have any plans for server merges,
Caith: Stressx We have no plans in the immediate future to merge AB anywhere.

Kalavar: these 2 questions i have n=been asking since this game launched….will there ever be the ability to dye our gear …and will we eve be able to actualy sit on chairs and other furniture ?
Caith: Kalavar – There will never be an ability to dye gear unfortunately, it does not work with our fundemental art system.

Rattatobey: is ttobey as dreamy IRL as he is in the videos?
Caith: Rattatobey – He would be…except for the smell.

Eleeviah: what about contested zone when can we see a new one?
Kander: Eleeviah, no plans for a new contested zone currently.

Silverlance: question….is the number of hard game crashes being looked at ?
Jamiss: @Silverlance, we always keep an eye on the crashes

Tarryelle: Is the cross server grouping tool still being worked on? or did it get scrapped?
Jamiss: @Tarryelle, Cross-server grouping tool was stopped in favor of other things.

Oxcy: ? Will there be new hotbars as our spells are running out of room!?
Jamiss: No new hotbars

Doghunter: is there any chance of upgrading the game to a 64 bit language?
Jamiss: @Doghunter, EverQuest2 is already running threaded, there are some places we’d like to add on to it, but it’s not as easy as just flipping a switch, unfortunately.

Eliana: ^^^ What is being said about hotbars. Thank you for all the wonderful abilities etc but… it’s crowded here.
Kander: Eliana- we do not have any plans to add any additional hotbars.

Harr: Are all these Q&A will be posted somewhere and sometime for reading later?
Kander: Harr, that is the plan, we will be posting the highlights after we are done with all the AMAs
Gninja: Yes the questions and answers should get posted somewhere once all servers are done. Also Im pretty sure feldon is doing a recap on EQ2Wire

Phrostflame: not sure if I missed the question, but will it be fixed so that when a zone is active it is ON the bell? hate begging for invites to a zone
Caith: Phrostflame – Good question, but we’ll have to check into the how feasible it is in our current system

Xaosing: Question IRT the broker…. Are they ever going to add some.. checkbox.. so that it will only display items you can use? (IE: shiney’s not yet added, spell/skill books that you don’t yet have)
Jamiss: @Xaosing, it already highlights which you can/can’t use. The broker data is stored in such a way that we can’t do lookups when grabbing the data

Bardtholomew: I hope you all post a transcript of this general chat so we can catch the stuff we missed in real time
Kander: Bardtholomew We plan to post a highlight from all AMAs once completed

Cleanse: Why did you guys decide to do an AMA after so many years?
Windstalkerdev: @Cleanse – I got a wild hair and wanted to do an AMA. I know it was a long time since I wrote a producer letter and I like us taking time to chat with players while you play.

Tunaria: Feldon kicks ass…I want to know if the Devs will start letting him post information from Discord so that those of us not in Discord can keep up with the information
Gninja: Tunaria – Nothing is stopping Feldon from being in discord.

Glimmerwind: I think the questions needed to be asked but this has been very hard to keep track of as far as the answering of the questions.
Caith: Glimmerwind – The questions and answers will also be posted

Soulidon: @Devs – Will Call of the Veteran ever be completely fixed so that it’s 100% reliable? It barely works as it is now
Jamiss: Call of the Veteran questions were asked on Thurgadin. I have it jotted down to look at it again. We will see about what we can do to help it some more.

Issa: Any plans to make food/drink rares a bit more obtainable? 100k every 2 weeks is a bit steep. Possibly a drop from the heroic/raid weeklys?
Caith: Issa – We’ll take a look at the drop rates, however rare things being actually rare isn’t considered a bad thing. If I make them common, I have to reduce their stats appropriately.

Geriknak: So, is EQ2 on the verge of being canceled?
Gninja: @Geriknak Nope not on the verge of being cancelled. Still going strong!

Brokenshieldd: Are we ever ever going to see Cross server grouping that you guys have been talking about for the last 2 years?
Gninja: @Brokenshieldd Its not as easy to make that happen but the new PvEvP zones are on the battlegrounds server so technically cross server grouping

Phiea: are we ever gonna get our little villages back??
Kander: Phiea , No

Brokenshieldd: Are you guys going to be putting more PQs in the game in the near future?
Gninja: @Brokenshieldd Yes we will be putting more PQs as time goes on

Telemetry: are you all in a office together and if so do you have punch and pie?
Kander: Telemetry, yes

Khaldain: Did yall beefup the agnostics sence the servers went down yesterday?
Kander: We did not touch Agnostics.

Lilys: @Devs I was hoping you could let your art department know that it would be amazing if they could have someone finish the Heritage Armor Crates so that all classes are represented there. Woodleves feel unloved
Caith: Lilys – Wood elves only use fig leaves.
Kander: Lilys, we do what we have time for, the current focus is to make sure we have new armor and weapons for the upcoming expansions.

Falqu: Can you look into making the achievement system mean something? Currently each achievement has a point value assigned to it, but accumulating points doesn’t really mean anything. It would be nice to have a reason to try get points
Kander: Falqu, we would love to. We’ve discussed uses for Achievement points. We don’t have a specific plan though.
Gninja: @Falqu we’ve thought about that many times but the points would have to reviewed which means currently players points would need to change and we dont have an easy/safe way to do that currently.

Pharesmus: would it be possible to add channel for PQs so the general is not permanently polluted , and / or have real moderators to drive away the constant trolling ?
Gninja: Pharesmus – Use LFG channel maybe? I know general gets a lot of traffic.

Bishka: i there any plan to overhaul the inventory system? this archaic system is useless if you are a loot whore like me
Kander: Biska, no there is no plan to overhaul inventory system, we already have more inventory than any other MMO to date.

Telemetry: maybe more bank slots?
Jamiss: @Telemetry: We will not be adding bank slots

Mystieyes: Would you look into organizing a Round Table, on Discord to get player input on important class balance Issues?
Gninja: Mystieyes – We would rather do the AMA style chats and the like in places where more players are available.

Aaak: @ devs any chance at makeing Sarya Val’Sara sell Crusader’s Medal instead of Defender’s Medal ? so we can buy wantia adorn recipes and stuff
Kander: Aaak – We will be adding conversion to Sarya for those medals soon. Yes.

Hypernia: any plan to increase the size of containers and bags made by crafters as the levels increase?
Caith: Hypernia – Inventory, including bags and house vault and bank and shared bank all contribute to lag in a fairly significant way. So it is not likely to see a large inventory space increase, no.

Pharesmus: what about a button in Broker serch to exclude shinies / recipes / spells you already have (similar to the ones on depots
Jamiss: @Pharesmus: Adding exclusions on the broker isn’t possible due to limitations on how the data is stored and held. We can’t limit the results in the way you’re asking at this time.

Helspawn: currently mercs dont benefit from purple war rune bonuses such as Firmament of Fire , is there any plans to fix that?
Caith: Helspawn – Mercenaries will never be able to benefit from effects on items, adornment or otherwise.

Helaena: Is there going to be fabled kunark content sometime this xpac? since we are in “kunark ascending”
Kander: Helaena No, no plans for any fabled content this year. We are already starting expansion 14.

Lancelot: @Devs – do you guys realise there is an item on broker since last year with no name that looks like a chest plate. it can’t be bought, sold or removed from broker and so far so many people stuck with it that has taken 19 pages?
Caith: Lancelot – That happens when an item is removed from the DB but the marketplace did not handle it gracefully. PM me the name of the seller and we can remove it.

Mesana: is it intended that merc damage abilities are not affected by the merc’s potency, crit bonus, or ability mod?
Caith: Mesana – Merc damage is absolutely modified by the mercenaries stats. There may be some legacy abilities that do not use them, and if that is the case let us know what merc you see it on and we can check it out.

Lancelot: @Devs – any plans to enable us group with two or more Mercs at a time?
Kander: Lancelot – No, no plans to allow multiple mercs for one character. Ever.

Aarsath: will a faster way to travel ever be added to KA, in zone that is
Kander: Aarsath, we just added a wizard portal. What else do you want?

Nyemi: Devs any chance of getting an upgrade to the training dummies ?
Caith: Nyemi – Upgraded training dummies are in the works, just got shelved for right now until other items get finished.

Inebreeated: @ Devs could portals be added near the current public PQs like they were for DoV to easily change from say KP1 to KP2? sometimes its impossible to change zones.
Kander: We’re going to be changing the way we do PQs with the expansion this year, so that they will be more intuitive and also better experiences for those who chose to participate.

Kerstyn: will there be any type of vet rewards for those of us beyond the 12 & 13 year mark?
Gninja: Kerstyn – Not likely, the old system was giving rewards based on time of creation not actual time played so that was kinda weird and its not easy to change over. Sorry!

Lancelot: @Devs – I know you guys said no plan to add more hotbars, but for those of us not using third party software, we really running out of room on Hotbars..
Caith: Lancelot – The answer to that is to allow players to consolidate more, not add more. Stay tuned fo rexpansion.

Darwiin: @Dev any plans to allow /testcopy so we don’t have things like yesterday happen? (you can wipe them after tests)
Gninja: @Darwiin – testcopy server is now the beta server so technically testcopy no longer exists. You can copy to the beta server once beta begins if you have access.

Pharesmus: will three be a way to send devs real suggestions other than this parody ?
Gninja: Pharesmus – Feel free to send us a PM on the forums anytime

Operon: So being as we are doing this Q&A. Why is it that you Dev’s are not using the Twitch TV channel anymore too relay new info I have not seen anything on that for many months
Kander: Operon, we have a stream planned soon. I cannot tell you what format we will be using.
Mooncast: @Operon — We’ve actually found that we reach more players through Facebook Live than we did through Twitch

Vahnn: will neblous newsies be offered anytime soon ?
Kander: Vahnn, that is up to the guide program. Go to the forums and request it.

Waumpbat: Can we get the wardrovbe items to be account wide?
Gninja: Waumpbat – No we can’t currently do that

Mallyus: Question: Are there any future plans for New Tunaria? It’s a beautiful zone but virtually no quests except for a few HQ’s.
Caith: Mallyus – Yes.

Inebreeated: @ devs Plz dont wiat for an expansion to do another Q&A like this again.
Kander: Inedbreeated, the plan is to do these more often.

Woodiej: @Devs This may have been answered 100 times but I’ll ask. Will the graphics engine be upgraded in this game in the future?
Jamiss: @Woodiej: We introduced our new zones starting with AoM, but we have no plans to make any other changes to the graphics engine.

Meeaks: is eq2 going to have VR support anytime soon?
Jamiss: @Meeaks: No

Falqu: Can you please remove the recast time from Call to Home/ Guild? There is no point to have it with housing leaderboards and instant port
Gninja: Falqu – We have no plans to change call to guildhall or home sorry.

Bremynz: so how do you devs feel about botting
Gninja: Bremynz – As in the eula botting using third party software is definately not allowed. If you see folks doing it /petition them and CS will take care of it

Cloudrat: Why can’t i use all my flying squirrel in flying appearance slot?
Gninja: @Cloudrat because its a glider

Cloudrat: i know what it is so what horses are ground mounts but they fly in lavastorm
Gninja: Those “horses” are nightmares actually and those in lore do fly

Cloudrat: ok why can’t i use my quested cloud for flying appearance? the prismatic one is too glowy hurts my eyes hehe
Kander: Cloudrat, some of those partical effect mounts simply just do not work in appearance slots, because they are partical effects. Like Cloud of Bats.

Raldyr: interested in why certain mercenaries such as Zhugrus and Claz’zakla overwrite my HP buffs, lowering HP of members of my group (and myself).
Gninja: Raldyr – Not sure we were aware of that, we will look into it. They should only overwrite if they are better.

Elyana: Question- i know you guys are working hard with the staff you have, are there any plans to increase staffing for the game going forward? I am sure you are all getting pretty burnt out trying to keep content up to date =D
Kander: Elyana – Just going to be honest, that is outside of scope of our control.

Holgo: @Devs, With this xpac being kunark ascending, I think it would be cool to have a fabled Veashans peak! I think the layout of that zone would be perfect for a new heroic contested zone.
Kander: Holgo – We wont be doing any fabled content this year,
Kander: We’re already full in cycle for the expansion. Its going to be a bit of an undertaking.

Leonitas: @devs.. we enjoy our guides…folks really dig the newsies(aom) and guide’s guide(tot) status quests….can we see a status guide quest for KA?
Kander: Leonitas, there will not be a guide quest for KA.

Jexi: @devs can we get the option to purchase the previous expansions collector’s edition? My PC was down most of last year.
Kander: Jexi, that is something we have looked at repeatedly. Not sure, but not out of the question.

Leonitas: in the past, there were “gold” trial periods, where f2p players could try the perks of membership. could a similar promotion allow f2p peeps to perhaps try the Isle of Refuge server for a week or so?
Kander: Leonitas, We’ll see. We are disussing a waiting period thing thing for leaving. We’ll see,

Leonitas: one thing in the past i really enjoyed was the recruit a friend program. i could drag friends from other games here, get them to sub, and each see a small xp boost when grouped together. Plz consider bringing it back?
Kander: Leonitas – Well you are the only one. =P

Amender: Most-Important-QuestionEver — How about a tinkered heartbound refresher, for high level tinkerers. . soo I can refresh my love on the go
Kander: Amender , no plans for that.

Primordial: When you say “no plans”, does that mean yet, or just that it’s out of the question?
Gninja: No plans means not right now… We try to stay away from words like never. Example: “There will never be beastlords in EQ2″
Caith: That is why they are named b3astlords in code

Elyana: Will we been seeing the moon up close.. and will Vah Shir be coming if we do as a player race? =p
Jexi: I think a bird person or a fish person liike from Phianegels place in EQ1 wold be cool for races
Gninja: We can make a fish person and fill the entire game with water, all other races would drown
Caith: New races take a massive amount of code and art time, so they are not something we can do on the spur of the moment.

Kayoss: @devs can you make non-flaying mounts usable as flying appearance? That would make older mounts at least slightly less useless
Gninja: Kayoss – Gnope

Exoi: Can we have more hot bars?
Shayliaz: yes some more hotbars i have no space
Kander: What we should do is just give you 1 hotbar and then you have to decide what you get to cast. Good plan.
Ennia: 1 hot bar? I’m having EQ1 flashbacks /shudder
Kander: Ennia, that was kind of the joke. tee hee
Caith: Hotbars (and the spell icons on them) are another lag issue. We won’t be adding more hotbars, but we will be decreasing the number of profession spells you need to have on your bar by combining multiples of them into single.

Ennia: oh yeah there is a bugged repeatable for mysterious blue coins, it does not work tho
Caith: Ennia – We’ll take a look at the quest

Huror: @Devs. I may have missed any response about vet rewards, but many feel that our vet rewards were used as a lure to buy the upgraded expansions, i.e. reduced rate salesman crates. Nothing at all is sad.
Gninja: Huror – Vet rewards were extremely hard to please everyone with. Also they were calculated based on creation date of the account not time played so someone with a day 1 account but never played has advantages over someone who…
Gninja: Started at expansion two but plays every day
Gninja: That is why we made loyalty system to replace it

Primordial: Yeah, but you gotta keep the Loyalty merchant interesting lol
Gninja: Primordial – There are tons of items on the merchant but we will add more as time goes on. Not sure the next time we will add things but it should be ongoing.

Uliakia: when will guides start offering a new quest for this expansion like newsies and guides guide?
Gninja: Uliakia – Thats already been answered, there will not be a guide quest for KA. Sorry!

Leonitas: another idea, what if there was a program where ppl could put an eq2 advertising banner on their website, free adverstising for eq2, and perhaps perks/ingame rewards for ppl whose sites are successful in driving new blood here?
Caith: Leonitas – That sounds like a cool idea, but it would have to go through web development. The game team cannot really influence that.

Raldyr: whatever happened to the plans for hairstyles, maybe player-made?
Gninja: Hairstyles are not something that is easily added
Jexi: Oddly enough all the hairstyles match the characters from twilight on the vampires. I’m not complaining
Gninja: Wouldn’t it be twilight took hairstyles from us? We came out before it, I’m pretty sure. Not sure which is more embarassing :p

Uliakia: will any eq2 devs be attending any conventions this yr?
Gninja: Uliakia – I will likely go to Comic-con! :p
Gninja: its kinda far away though
Gninja: like 12 miles or something
Caith: Start walking now Gninja!
Windstalkerdev: Kander is going to the Leather Jacket Festival. Caith is going to Numbers ARE Awesome Convention. I’m going somewhere with cupcakes. Gninja is….well….he will go quietly

Kayoss: @Devs is teh Community Lounge something that will ever open again?
Kander: Kayoss, ask community. Its their lounge.

Fragerella: why do we have vetern rewards past 12 years…it just seems wrong
Gninja: Fragerella – Vet rewards were stopped mainly because it was calculating from account creation date instead of played time. So someone who made an account day one and never played had morereward than someone who came in at exp2 but
Gninja: but plays every day

Cynaster: Any chance we will ever get a new game engine???
Gninja: Cyan – No

Sharpcharm: — @DEVS — There’s some really nice appearance gear from the OLD battlegrounds system. Any chance those old patterns can be put into a loyalty merchant so we can use those styles?
Caith: Sharpcharm – Yes, but I don’t have an ETA on when.

Tappit: Devs – This open forum is a GREAT idea, I know is time consuming on your schedules, but is there any way to schedule such in future on regular schedule (bi-monthly or such0?
Kander: Tappit, we’d like to do this more often, yes. Maybe quarterly?

Sykle: For future AMA’s, can we have separate chat channels created for different topics?
Kander: Sykle, we are looking at a way to have our avatars use colors that are different/ not available to players to make this sort of thing easy to read.

Raenick: @Devs Will there be Fabled Rise of Kunark zones to explore? Considering you didn’t do it last xpac and this one is Kunark related, it seems like the perfect time to do Fabled RoK.
Kander: Raenick, we do not have any plans for any Fabled content this year. We are already moving towards expasnion implementation.

Yokokeed: How about a fabled V Peak?
Gninja: Yokokeed – We arent doing any fabled content this year, sorry

Idiilea: and also I’d like to see some truly new and interesting content, less recycling of old content
Gninja: Idiilea – Expansions always have new and unique content. During the year we sometimes make new zones out of old ones but the majority of expansions are completely new geo/zones/art/etc.

Archee: @Devs you do realize Zhugrus Blightstrike is an ugly merc? Can we get some kind of wand that will change our mercs appearance please?
Kander: Archee – There are other mercs that have same abilties, power, etc as Zhurgurus.

Tappit: @Devs – Where do you see this game in 5 years?
Kander: Tappit, Luclin of course.

Tchotchke: can we do a massive revamp and make the entire game agnostic?
Gninja: Tchotchke – No

Rettt: @DEVS: When are you going to STOP working on the NEXT latest and greatest xpac to address the issues in the game with constant crashes??? ie. the mythical nonexistant G: drive crash, crash on zoning, waiting for zone server crash
Gninja: Rettt – crashes, lag, zone server slowness is all stuff we address on a daily basis. Its an ongoing issues and will be in the future. Every time something gets added more can happen. We cant stop new content sorry. *boggle*

Widem: Your holiday twitter pic was lacking diversity. Do you think in the future you will hire more people of color?
Gninja: Widem – What am I, chopped liver? omg!
Widem: moar Gninja

Rettt: so 3 4 6 crashes a day are suppoosed to be NORMAL???
Gninja: @Rettt – No crashes should never be considered normal. We are always working on improving stability and performance the best we can
Rettt: Doesnt seem to be working very well from my perspective Sir !!!
Gninja: Rettt – We still try anyway

Soteria: @Devs Could we have a test copy server to help provide data and feedback during the process of reworking class balance?
Caith: Soteria – Test copy was renamed to beta. Beta server is that exact thing.

Yuka: @ devs: I’d still love to see more unique appearance items.
Kander: Yuka, so would we.

Ikigai: @Devs Can we please get Merc morph items
Kander: Ikigai, no plans for merc morph items.

Rettt: @DEVS: I play multiple accts. How about a “flag” I can purchase that will make my accounts “Heirloom” ??? So I dont have to slow down raid to put gear on an alt thats not on the same acct.
Gninja: Rettt – That is not currently possible wihtout a pretty major rewrite of our account code. Just not feasible right now sorry

Donellan: i imagine the devs gathered in a room listening to katy perry and drinking unicorn frappuccino’s while hosting this q and a. pillow duels after
Windstalkerdev: Donellan, that Unicorn Frapp was a horror….but I drank the whole thing….because UNICORN. Usually there’s more vodka in our unicorns.
Donellan: thats what makes them horned
Mooncast: @Donellan — Pillow duels sound interesting though

Crystasha: @ Devs can we get a new big bad evil guy soon? Lanys T’Vyl is kinda boring
Gninja: Crystasha – You havent seen final expansion boss yet, how do you know its Lanys? :p

Blyndex: Are there any plans to rebalance the game pre 100? Some of us really enjoyed the game leveling and would like to be able to experience that again. It seems that most of the content is completely trivialized now.
Caith: Blyndex – We have some ideas, but we will not be implementing anything that takes a massive amount of resources on old content.

Sylanis: @Devs in the spirit of alts, in the next xpac, would you consider offering keys to eliminate the time sinc of ultra long and grindy questlines such as and mostly signature questline for next xpac?
Kander: Sylanis – We will make an attempt to make next expansion a bit more alt friendly. Yes.

Robyyn: @Devs requesting more holiday content for major holidays like Frostfell and Nights of the Dead
Gninja: Robyyn – We add new stuff to live events every year. Kaitheel does an awesome job with it!

Rockanrollz: @ Davs Can We please not have to do old stuff again in new game
Gninja: Rocknrollz – We don’t typicall put a large amount of prior content to complete current quests. The epic quests in general we always made where you needed to have past accomplishments in order to finish them.

Bealeb: @DEVS any double dbc events in the works?
Kander: Baeleb – Not any time soon.

Hipnotoad: @Devs Will more questions be answered when you post this on forums?
Gninja: Hipnotoad – THe logs of what was said here is being posted by Feldon n EQ2Wire not by us. We are answering as much as we can with the time we have

Bilblam: @Devs: Given the crazy amounts of plat in the game right now, are you considering an additional currency beyond plat? Very common to see items sell for 1.5-2M plat in /auction.
Gninja: Bilblam – adding another denomination isn’t going to change the amount of coin in the economy

Switsgar: @Devs can you please address the plat economy problems before the end of AMA?
Gninja: Switsgar – We are always looking for places where plat might be coming into game at an unintended rate. If you know of any we’ve missed please let us know.

Wasey: @devs how about getting a real zoning server
Caith: Wasey – Is that a server where all you do is zone?

Kikek: Devs how many more years you think eq has coming it will be a very sad day in the end
Kander: Kikek, no end planned.

Holgoo: @ Devs What is your favorite zone/instance in eq2?
Kander: Holgoo – All of them.

Litany: @Devs: Share 3 things you hate about your boss.
Windstalkerdev: Litany — Unfair. I’m their boss…..

Dortoh: SO What did you Devs flag Rettts account to crash when he posts a reply in gen chat ???
Windstalkerdev: Dortoh — Gninja can script that…..
Gninja: Working on it already Windslasherdev… She is my boss after all

Bealeb: @Devs can we get a PoP expansion before eq2 dies?
Kander: Bealeb – Sure, we’ll get right on that.

Holgoo: @Devs is the idea of a stat crunch floating around at all?
Caith: Holgoo – No stat crunches on the horizon

Jokis: @Devs When is next Double Status?
Kander: Jokis – Soon.
Kander: Double Status on Memorial Day + More

Windstalkerdev BROADCASTS: We have logged all our AMAs and will post the common questions by next week! Stay tuned! And thanks all!

Icefell: @devs Might of missed this, but are they going to allow you to place items on broker for above 1m without using gold?
Kander: Icefell, we’ll look at it. It may or not be possible.

Yaneth: How much resolve will we have total if we use the boost to level 100 ( u say it comes with gear strong enough for new content) i want to know how strong the gear will be though like resolve wise
Caith: Yaneth – It is designed to let you get into the KA solo zones or overlands/questing immediately, not jump directly into the heroics.

Taled: No, they didn’t answer about ability doublecast being increased any.
Caith: Taled – It will be itemized in the upcoming content, but it will not be coming in a a fast rate.

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