Getting Started with Terrors of Thalumbra
Getting Started with Terrors of Thalumbra
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Terrors of Thalumbra

Terrors of Thalumbra is the 12th EverQuest2 expansion. Content and features are primarily designed for level 100 players, although some dungeons are also available in level agnostic versions.

Patch notes:

Note: Some of this information was compiled in beta testing and from information shared on the beta forums, and may be subject to change in the Live game. Also, kudos to Daybreak Games for their transparency about this expansion through beta! It's been a pleasure exploring and learning about the new lands and lore with the info provided in the forums providing a little needed guidance.

What's New this Expansion

1. New Zones (overland, dungeons and a city)
2. New Faction, Merchants and Currency
3. Changes to itemization and game mechanics
4. New Quests & Collections
5. New Deity System
6. New Infusion (Item Upgrade) System
7. New Tradeskill & Harvests
8. New Purple & Green Adorns
9. New Consumables
10. Guild level increases to 150
11. New Slayer titles (including Slugs!)

What's Remaining the Same

1. Adventure and Tradeskill level caps remain level 100
2. No new spells or combat arts
3. AA cap remains 350 points
4. No new AA's
5. No new crafted white adornments (although new white adorns - umbrite - do drop)
6. No new (crafted) war runes
7. No new poisons
8. No new inventory bags, boxes or sales crates (except for collector's/premium edition's 88-slot bag)
9. No new totems

Other FAQs and Guides

This post is just meant to get you started, not tell you all you need to know about the expansion. There are several fantastic sites that offer more news, info and guides:

1. EQ2Wire - for the latest EQ2 news and a terrific FAQ for the expansion
2. EQ2 Traders Corner - for practically anything you want to know related to crafting and harvesting in EQ2
3. EQ2i Wikia - for zone info, quest info and collections, among other things

Travel to Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

1. There are no druid rings, spires or bells to Thalumbra. Instead there are portals in Kelethin (Greater Faydark), Neriak and Isle of Mara.
  • Isle of Mara: -82, -2, 47 near Outsider's Landing in the Village of Shin
  • Kelethin: 298, 126, 304 near Gearheart's Forge
  • Neriak: 32, 5, 318 on J'Narus Landing in Dockside Markets(docks)
  • You must unlock the portals through either the adventure or tradeskill signature quest.
  • Max level players that start the adventure signature will find the portals are unlocked after the initial quest.
  • Crafters who are not doing the adventure signature must (progress through) the tradeskill signature quest to unlock the portal on the Isle of Mara. If you must leave Maldura before the portal is unlocked, you can also return by visiting the Duality in his sanctum in Sundered Frontier.

2. Tinkerers can purchase a recipe book in Maldura that will allow them to make a Wormhole Generator to Maldura.
  • Tinkerers will need a skill of 500, 10k Deepforge Founders faction and 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer to purchase the recipe book
  • The wormhole generator requires 3 Lumicite (rare), 3 each splitiron ore, umbrite and bornite nodule (common) and 5 Thaumic Coal to craft.
  • The wormhole will take you just inside the city gates of Maldura. Be sure you have the appropriate faction before using. Guards just inside the gate are initially KOS.

3. If you pre-ordered the collector's or premium edition, one of the items you can /claim is a teleporter, named Tunneler of Thalumbra, that will send you directly to a safe area within Thalumbra.

4. If you have the Stein of Recollection or Stein of the Alesmith (from LoN), there's a bartender in the Mushroom Bar & Grill in Maldura that will allow you to bind and return using the Call of the Inebriated.


Faction, Merchants & Currency


There are 5 factions for Thalumbra. You start out kill-on-sight (KOS) to the guards of Maldura and the citizens do not wish to do business with you. As you gain faction, NPCs become friendlier, quests appear, merchants will do business with you and faction merchants will sell you items items unique to this expansion.
  • Shields of Maldura - will make the guards non-KOS and allow you into Maldura
  • Deepforge Founders - is the tradeskill faction that allows you to buy recipes and earn GA coin by doing the daily/weekly quests
  • Citizens of Maldura
  • Ironblood Sprouts
  • Zou'Lidelas (glaufaye faction)


Thalnor <Deepforge Founders Merchant> at Forge of Brell in Maldura (48, 35, -163)
  • Crafting class essential and advanced books
  • Purple adorns/runes recipe book (NOT war runes)
  • Green adorns (spirit stone) recipe book
  • Infusion recipe book
  • Blank Umbrite Runes (crafting component for purple adorns)
  • Crowning Achievements recipe book
  • Maldura crafting stations
  • Dhalgar illusion

Redthel <Gardening and Botanical Supplies> (-31, 17, -191 in Maldura)
  • Sells plant and garden house items for either one GA (craft) coin or 10 EQ (adventure) coin
  • Plants, sacks, mushrooms, wall-mounted tree branches

Gemma Wilfreson <Slug Trainer> (-142, -4, 129 in Maldura)
  • Sells house pets for either one GA (craft) coin or 10 EQ (adventure) coin
  • 1 fathomlurker, 2 scuttlers, 3 basilisks, 3 glowtoads, 1 leafhopper, 1 slug

Sarforth <Coalition of the Eternal> (441, 134, 298 in Outer Maldura near the mission givers)
  • Potions
  • Elemental essence ammo
  • Temp adorns
  • Relics
  • Gnemlin illusion


We're in a new land and Far Seas Ferrin are no longer relevant for purchases from the local merchants.

There are two new forms of currency for ToT. The adventure currency is Coin of the Eternal Queen. The tradeskill currency is Coin of the Grand Artificer.
  • Adventure currency, or EQ coins, are earned by completing daily, weekly and dungeon missions.
  • Tradeskill currency, or GA coins, are earned through the crafting signature quest and by doing the daily/weekly craft quests.

Note: For the remainder of this write-up, I'm abbreviating Coin of the Eternal Queen as EQ coin (ha!) and Coin of the Grand Artificer as GA coin.

In addition to the two new currencies, Far Seas Tokens are still relevant if you wish to shop from the Far Seas merchants. The new agnostic mastercrafting recipes can be purchased for 15 tokens per recipe book.

Quests & Collections

Adventure Signature Quest

1. The adventure signature quest - Underdepths Saga - picks up where the prelude events end. Evil aligned players speak to Virun D'Xyafin in Neriak (-284, 29, 184) and good-aligned players speak to Dangle Springbolt in Kelethin (323, 109, 158) to pick up the first quest - Underdepths Saga: Into Darkness.

2. The reward is a "Thalumbra Equipment Infuser" with 100% chance to increase potency, crit bonus, stamina and ability mod a small amount on a single item, a flying serpent-like mount named "Scytalis, of the Ever Deep", and a choice of four relic rings.

Tradeskill Signature Quest

1. The tradeskill signature quest begins with an in-game mail message from Captain Ethan Darani. You'll receive the quest "What Lies Beneath", which sends you to the Isle of Mara to meet up with the Captain.

2. You must complete Captain Darani's previous quest - The Captain's Lament - before you can acquire the signature. It's a short quest that rewards you with a level 90 advanced book for your crafting class.

3. Writeups and Walk-thru's
Other Quests

Questing in ToT is not as linear (guided) as in previous expansions. You're encouraged to explore the overland zone and find the quests. There are several areas where you can find groups of quests or small quest lines:
  • Fungus Farm
  • Abandoned Fungus Farm
  • Outer Maldura
  • Stoneheart Yards
  • Eastern Thalumbra
  • Maldura

In addition to regular questing, there are timed, repeatable quests both in Thalumbra and in dungeons.

Adventure Quest walk-thru's, including the Signature line, can be found at:

Quest Achievements

There are additional quest achievements in your journal that reward titles and even local currency.

If you complete both the adventure and tradeskill signature quests, there is an achievement - Lore Delver in Terrors of Thalumbra - that rewards a fathomlurker shiny seeker. A house pet similar to the burynai shiny seeker, feed him one each of the three types of fertilizer drops to receive a random shiny!


New lands mean new shinies! Besides the normal shinies you see in overland zones and dungeons, there are two red shiny collections within the city of Maldura, visible to crafters who have completed their level 80 'epic' quest and received the Earring of the Solstice.

In addition, for players that are both level 100 crafters and adventurers, there are two NO-TRADE red shiny collections in the advanced solo zones. Players must have completed the tradeskill signature quest in Thalumbra to see the red (!). The reward is level 100 adventurer gear so you're not missing out if you aren't interested in the adventuring side of things.

And, for even more shiny goodness, fishing in Thalumbra yields 5 different shiny collections, similar to fishing in Cobalt Scar.


Note from the devs: Advanced Solo dungeons are all around tier 1

Maldura: Bar Brawl (-68, 9.5, 118 in Maldura at Alcove of Reason)
  • Maldura: Bar Brawl [Advanced Solo] (T1)
  • Maldura: Bar Brawl [Event Heroic] (T1)

Maldura: District of Ash (-107, 1, -47 in Maldura at Sublevel Access Antechamber)
  • Maldura: District of Ash [Advanced Solo] (T1)
  • Maldura: District of Ash [Heroic] (T1)

Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction (-109, 1, 48 in Maldura at Sublevel Access Antechamber)
  • Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction [Advanced Solo] (T1)
  • Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction [Heroic] (T2)

Maldura: Palace (202, 65, -1 in Maldura at Palace Mechno-Gate Controls)
  • Maldura: Palace Foray [Event Heroic] (T2)

Stygian Threshold (-676, 173, 200 in Thalumbra)
  • Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway [Advanced Solo] (T1)
  • Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway [Event Heroic] (T2)
  • Stygian Threshold: The Toxic Pools [Event Heroic] (T1)
  • Stygian Threshold [Heroic] (T1)
  • Stygian Threshold: Edge of Underfoot [Raid]

Kralet Penumbra (456, 6, -760 in Thalumbra at Penumbra Expansion)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power [Advanced Solo] (T1 red)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Advanced Solo] (T1 red)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power [Heroic] (T1 red)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Heroic] (T1 red)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Submerged Lair [Event Heroic] (T1 blue)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Uzulu Deep [Event Heroic] (T2 blue)
  • Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths [Heroic] (T2 purple)
  • Kralet Penumber: The Master's Chosen [Heroic] (T3 purple)
  • Kralet Penumbra [Contested] (T2 purple)

Level Agnostic Dungeons (level 20 to 95)
  • Maldura: District of Ash [Agnostic]
  • Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction [Agnostic]
  • Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths [Agnostic]
  • Kralet Penumbra: The Master's Chosen [Agnostic]
  • Stygian Threshold [Agnostic]

Raid Zones
  • Maldura: Bhoughbh's Folly [X2 Raid] (36, -8, 144 in Maldura)
  • Maldura: Forge of Ashes [X4 Raid] (-43, -4, 45 in the Mushroom Bar & Grill in Maldura)
  • Stygian Threshold: Edge of Underfoot [X4 Raid] (-676, 173, 200 in Thalumbra)
  • Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind [X4 Raid] (456, 6, -760 in Thalumbra at Penumbra Expansion - purple portal)

Notes about Bhoughbh's Folly: Entrance is the Laboratory (36, -8, 144 at Aquifer Pumping Station in Maldura). To access this zone you must complete the line of quests for Bhoughbh Bhildur (50, -8, 184). Only one person needs the quest to access the zone.

Deity System

This expansion introduces a new deity system. This is in addition to the existing deity system and does not replace the quest line and miracles/blessings from your current chosen deity. You also do not have to have a chosen deity to use this system.

As you gain adventuring experience you will also gain tithe experience, which accumulates into tithe points.
  • Tithe points can be spent in the new deity window to purchase charges of miracles or passive increases to potency, crit bonus and stamina.
  • Miracles are categorized as good, evil and neutral. You may purchase charges from your alignment (good or evil) and the neutral miracles.
  • If you have chosen a deity and completed the quest line, you may buy the charge of the miracle associated with their name at a discount (i.e., 2 points instead of 4 points).
  • Currently, you can only have a max of 10 unspent tithe points at a time. When you reach the max, you stop earning tithe until at least one point is spent.
  • In addition, you can only have so many points spent in unused miracles. Appears to be 12.
  • As you spend points on passive increases to potency, crit bonus and/or stamina, the number of tithe points required for a 1% increase of that ability also increases. So, for example, it may cost 2 points for the first percent. Then it may cost 5 or 6 points for the next percent.
  • The deity window (shared with the infusion window) may be accessed through the main EQ2 menu, by typing /toggledeity in your chat window, by clicking the deity button at the top of the infusion window or by setting up a hotkey under Options / Controls / Window Keys / Deity Window.

Note: Tithe is something used only by adventurers so it is gained only through adventuring. The devs have said there are no plans to reward it for tradeskill quests at the moment.

Infusion System

As part of the new deity system, ToT introduces the idea of upgrading your items (armor, weapons and jewelry) through infusions. Infusions allow you to upgrade the stats on items tagged with "Infusable" in the examine window.
  • The infusion window (shared with the deity window) may be accessed by typing /toggleinfusion, navigating to Equipment Infusion in the EQ2 button menu, by right-clicking on an infusable item while it is in your inventory or by clicking the infusion button at the top of the deity window
  • Infusing applies a bonus to one or more stats on an item. Most infusers grant a random bonus within a set range to a stat that already exists on the item.
  • Most gear will drop with a random bonus already applied. The white/gray number in parentheses is the original stat. The blue or green number is the current stat after the bonus was applied.
  • You can apply every available infusion to this item until you reach the maximum allowed bonus
  • Every time you attempt to upgrade an item through infusion, you have a percent chance for success. If the percent chance in the center of the window says 0%, you have either maxed out that bonus through that method or you can't use that method to add that particular stat.

You can upgrade an item either by spending platinum directly and/or through the use of an infuser. You are not limited to one method or the other. To fully maximize the possible stats of an item, you would need to do both methods.

Infusion by Spending Platinum
  • You initially have a 25% chance of success when you attempt to infuse an item through spending plat
  • Each time you spend plat to upgrade an item, the price increases. It is possible to fail to upgrade the stats, but the potential increase is added to the next infusion attempt.
  • This method can get really expensive, really fast. Don't get click-happy unless you have a lot of surplus plat.

  • Infusers can be acquired in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, mission rewards, loyalty merchant, crafted and chest drops
  • Your chance of success varies when you use an infuser, based on the quality of the item
  • Most infusers increase potency, crit bonus, stamina and/or ability modifier
  • Some rare infusers will add a stat if it does not already exist on an item
  • Crafters who have 30k Deepforge Founders faction and 10 GA coin can purchase the Infuser Reconstruction of the Deepforge Founders recipe book to craft infusers from salvaged infusion fragments.
  • Provisioners may purchase their class recipe books which contain recipes for handcrafted 10% infusers and mastercrafted 100% infusers

Weapon Infusers

In addition to the infusers listed above, infusers drop that can be used to change the damage type of your weapon. To use the infuser, right click and apply to your weapon while it is not equipped.
  • Cold Infusion
  • Disease Infusion
  • Fire Infusion
  • Poison Infusion
  • Psychic Infusion (mental damage)
  • Void Infusion
Tradeskills & Harvesting


Harvesting in Thalumbra yields new commons and rares.
  • Goblins, Pack Ponies and Guild Minions now have the option to gather level 100 harvests for the new items. Level 96-99 yields Altar of Malice (AoM) harvests.
  • If you're willing to get your feet wet, fishing in Thalumbra also yields collectibles. There are five different fishy collections, each yielding a meta-collection piece.


Thalnor <Deepforge Founders Merchant> at Forge of Brell in Maldura (48, 35, -163) sells no-trade recipe books for players 10k Deepforge Founders faction and 10 GA coin.
  • Alchemist - new cure pots, buff potions
  • Armorer - level 100 plate and chain sets
  • Carpenter - furniture
  • Jeweler - jewelry & charms with effects like Killing Chamber, Uplifting & Allied effects, belts
  • Provisioner - both 5hr and 30 min food and drink, handcrafted 10% chance infusers and mastercrafted 100% chance infusers for potency, crit bonus, ability mod and stamina
  • Sage - player notebooks and consumable scrolls
  • Tailor - level 100 cloth/leather and cloaks
  • Weaponsmith - common and rare arrows, weapon delay modifiers
  • Woodworker - common & rare arrows (petrified), weapon delay modifiers

In addition to the regular class recipe books, Carpenters may also purchase another book titled "Triangles of Maldura" which allows them to build triangular building blocks. Carpenters must have 10k faction and 5 GA coin.

Raiders may also be interested in another recipe book - Crowning Achievements of the Deepforge Founders. This book requires 30k faction and 10 GA coin.

Daily and Weekly Missions

After you've completed the Tradeskill Signature quest line, you will be eligible for 7 daily and 1 weekly harvest quest from Gwynvyn at Forge of Brell in Maldura.
  • Daily quests reward +2,000 Deepforge Founders faction, 1 GA coin, at least 2 plat, and an Ancient Arcannium Coin that can be sold for status.
  • Weekly quests reward 3 GA coins, at least 2 plat, and 61,600 status points.

If you choose, you may complete all 7 daily quests for the week in a single day. However you won't be able to pick up new ones until the new crafting week begins.

Agnostic Mastercrafting Recipes

Koros Splinterlimb on Isle of Mara offers nine Agnostic Mastercrafting recipe books, volumes 10 - 90.
  • These recipe books can be scribed by any tradeskill class.
  • The volume number corresponds to the level required to scribe the book and the level of the gear/items the recipes make.
  • Each recipe book costs 15 Far Seas Trading Company Tokens.
  • Recipe books are also dropped from the level agnostic dungeons (CONFIRM)


Thalnor also sells a recipe book titled - Deepforge Tinkering Blueprints. You will need 10k Deepforge Founders faction, 10 GA coin and a 500 tinkering skill to purchase and scribe the recipe book.

Contents include:
  • Expendable Minecrawler Minion
  • Overclocked Animated Combine Harvester
  • S.C.U.B.A.G.
  • Tinkered Minecrawler House Minion
  • Wormhole Generator: Maldura


There are no new crafted white adornments for this expansion. You may see dropped white umbrite adornments from dungeons.

Transmuting the new gear and items yields components for Incandescent adorns.


Currently, if you salvage items from the expansion you do not receive rares. Instead you receive Salvaged Infuser Fragments. There are three qualities of infuser fragments - epic, heroic and standard. These fragments are components used to craft infusers using the recipes in the "Infuser Reconstruction of the Deepforge Founders" recipe book.

Note: You cannot salvage crafted (handcrafted or mastercrafted) items from the new expansion.

Purple & Green Adornments

Purple Adornments (Runes)

Among other things, Thalnor <Deepforge Founders Merchant> at Forge of Brell in Maldura (48, 35, -163) sells a recipe book for purple mastercraft runes (adorns) - Traditional Runes of the Deepforge Founders. You must have 30,000 Deepforge Founders faction and 10 GA coin.
  • These are standard armor runes, not war runes
  • Runes are level 100
  • Each rune requires 1 Blank Umbrite Rune, common level 100 harvests, and 5 thaumic coal to create
  • Blank Umbrite Runes can also be purchased from Thalnor for 4 GA coin each
  • Runes must be crafted at the Forge of Brell

Green Adornments (Spirit Stones)

Thalnor also sells a recipe book to craft green adornments or spirit stones - Spirit Stone Repair Methods of the Deepforge Founders. You must have 30,000 Deepforge Founders faction and 10 GA coin.

This recipe book has 9 recipes that allow any level 100 crafter to repair damaged spirit stones that drop in solo, heroic, or raid content. Each spirit stone recipe requires the damaged spirit stone component plus some common harvests.

  • Ancient's Mantle
  • Arachmech Eye
  • Behemoth's Race

  • Marksman's Lens
  • Stone of Underfoot
  • Stygian Core

  • Essence of Yothshaval
  • Shard of Uzulu
  • Heart of Penumbra


Sarforth <Coalition of the Eternal> in Outer Maldura sells consumables for EQ coin, status and plat.

  • Infused Umbral Bulwarks (Arcane, Elemental, Noxious) - 1 hour of 4248 mitigation against the respective damage type
  • Infused Umbral Bulwarks Extended (Arcane, Elemental, Noxious) - 4 hours of 4248 mitigation against the respective damage type

  • Infused Elemental Ammo - unpack to select 500 infused frost, disease or void essence ammo. Costs 500 mastercrafted ammo (arrows, throwing hammers, daggers, axes, shurikens) in addition to the EQ coin, status and plat.

Temp Adorns
  • Infused Magnitude of Umbra - 2 hour, level 100 temp adorn for the primary weapon slot with 15% increases to cast speed, recovery speed, reuse speed, 40% to crit bonus and +1500 ability modifier.
  • Infused Cognizance of Umbra - 2 hour level 100 temp adorn for the primary weapon slot with 15% increases to cast speed, recovery speed, reuse speed, 40% to potency and +1500 ability modifier.
  • Infused Fortitude of Umbra - 2 hour, level 100 temp adorn for the chest slot with 15% increases to cast speed, recovery speed, reuse speed, 40% to potency and +1500 ability modifier. Note: this was 8% increase to max health and 100 crit chance in beta

Increased Guild Level

Guilds can now increase to level 150. As of beta, I'm aware of two new guild amenities.

The Expanded Guild Hall Teleportation Network gives you the ability to place up to 16 portal pads within the guild hall.

At level 101, your guild can purchase the Guild Buff Banner amenity to be placed in the guild hall. When a guild member clicks on the banner, the member is granted a "Guild Buff" spell in his or her spellbook. The spell must be cast to gain the buff but remains until cancelled.

The higher the guild level above 101, the greater the bonuses of the guild buff spell. As an example, at guild level 105, a priest is given a buff of 418.5 wisdom and a 5% increase in status for the guild. A fighter is given 418.5 strength plus the increase in status for the guild.

Leveling the Guild

Guilds level 101 and higher can no longer be leveled through adventure or crafting writs. Instead other methods for attaining status must be used.

Examples of methods* include:
  • Signature quests
  • Missions
  • Non-repeatable quests in ToT
  • Achievements
  • Status items
  • Purple runes
  • Collectibles
  • Green adorns
  • Catalog quests from status merchants

* Note: Not all methods are good to guild level 150. Check the max guild level of items before selling them for status.

In addition to quests and dropped items, crafters can earn an Ancient Arcannium Coin by doing the daily Malduran tradeskill quest that sells for 20k SP. Arcannium Coins are good up to guild level 150.

Don't forget the guild buff will also increase the percent status you contribute to the guild.

Trinkit this is a ton of great information , thank you so much for taking the time to gather all it and share it with the guild.
Max level is still 100!!!

Ok maybe I can handle that, I just have so much other stuff going on. Not bad stuff, just stuff stuff. My brain is full. I still feel overwhelmed from the last expansion.

1. Adventure and Tradeskill level caps remain level 100
2. No new spells or combat arts
3. AA cap remains 350 points
4. No new AA's
5. No new crafted white adornments (although new white adorns - umbrite - do drop)
6. No new (crafted) war runes
7. No new poisons
8. No new inventory bags, boxes or sales crates (except for collector's/premium edition's 88-slot bag)
9. No new totems

Quote by Ellissa
Trinkit this is a ton of great information , thank you so much for taking the time to gather all it and share it with the guild.

My pleasure!!
How did I know Trink would have all the info in one spot. Checking out the new content..considering a return to combat. Going to try and squeeze it in.


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