Familiars Wild Quest
Familiars Wild Quest
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If you've been watching the patch notes, you've seen that we now have the ability to pick up a daily quest to get a free season three familiar. As a bonus, if you don't get a good familiar from the quest, you can right-click and use that familiar to level whichever familiar you currently have summoned.

We've recently done a bit of exploration and I thought I would jot down what we've learned and share it with you all. It's only been a couple days for us so, as we learn more, we'll update this thread.

Here's the link to the EQ2 Traders Corner write up: http://eq2.eqtraders.com/articles/article_page.php?article=q385&menustr=060000000000

Quest Givers:
  • Freeport: Steward Kres in South Freeport, just outside the building with the bell
  • Qeynos: Steward Aelin in South Qeynos, between a large tree and the T2 guild hall
(Note: Right now there's no quest feather until you've talked to them and received a book.)

The Quest:
  • You'll get a quest to "collect" 11 of one type of animal. Types seem to be the same as the Beastlord warders. See the EQ2 Wire Beastlord Guide for more info.
  • Collecting involves being in combat. Once in combat, you can click on the cage in your quest helper or add the cage to a hotbar and use it there.
  • If you don't like the quest you're given, you can delete it but you'll need to wait about 10 minutes to get a new one.

Critters That Worked For Us (level 110):
  • Rodents - cross greatmoles (armadillos) in Plane of Magic
  • Amphibians - toxic glow toads in Thalumba near the Glaufaye
  • Bovine - deer (not stags) in Antonica
  • Canines - icy howlers in Great Divide worked originally but may not post-patch
  • Bears - briarpaw in Enchanted Lands (lvl 33-35). Mentored to level 40 works great for body aggro

Tips For Capture

If you're a max level character, this quest is going to be frustrating. Just accept that now. Sometimes it feels like you just have to look at a creature for it to fall over dead. Here are a few tips we're trying to increase our chances of capturing eleven (11!) of any type of creature.
  • Try to find as high a level version of the animal as possible
  • Under character Options, turn off auto attack
  • If the creature is below your level, use a non-damage spell
  • If necessary, unequip your weapons and ranged
  • If you can find an aggro version of the creature, you can simply get close to it and capture it when it turns to attack you
  • Mentor down if you can't find a higher level creature that you don't one-shot by blinking at it
  • If the creatures you need are grouped too close, turn on singular to increase your odds of not accidentally wiping them all out at once

Bump so I can look for a possible season 6 familiar since they have much more potency than the earlier seasons...

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