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9/19/12 10:35pm
The Legend of Mr. Baller
9/17/12 2:59pm
Now 54% Larger!
9/17/12 1:50pm
The Preferred Mending Club
The lich drifted silently across the floor, tattered rags just brushing the floor. His long, ghostly-white hair shrouded his back like a cloak of dust and cobwebs.

In the merchant corner of the hall, one young adventurer nudged his companion with his elbow and gestured at the lich leaving the room.

“Look at that guy,” he said with a smirk. “How creepy can you get?”

The other adv (more)
Now 54% Larger!
9/17/12 2:59pm
Dylos entered the hall and headed directly for the banker, ready to deposit the bag full of coin from his latest adventures. He was approaching the merchant corner when he stumbled over a solid object, nearly falling. He glanced down and then stopped and stared in amazement. A large pile of shiny objects were amassed in front of the commodities exporter, spilling out across the floor.

Trinki (more)
Trinkit handed Anita Guildmender a slip of paper. Anita made a few marks on the paper and then handed it back with a bundle of freshly mended armor and Trinkit's spear. They shook hands and Trinkit turned away after a nod of thanks.

The mystic pocketed the paper and then carefully placed the bundle of armor in her inventory, clean and ready for the raid that night. She liked to wait to g (more)