Now 54% Larger!
9/17/12 2:59pm
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9/19/12 10:35pm
The Legend of Mr. Baller
9/17/12 2:59pm
Now 54% Larger!
9/17/12 1:50pm
The Preferred Mending Club
Dylos entered the hall and headed directly for the banker, ready to deposit the bag full of coin from his latest adventures. He was approaching the merchant corner when he stumbled over a solid object, nearly falling. He glanced down and then stopped and stared in amazement. A large pile of shiny objects were amassed in front of the commodities exporter, spilling out across the floor.

Trinkit was leaning against the counter beside the merchant, polishing the sharp edges of her spear with a soft cloth.

“What’s all this?” Dylos asked her, gesturing to the pile.

The commodities exporter ignored them both, packing each item carefully in a crate and marking the payment on a piece of paper.

Trinkit cast a dismissive glance at the pile before returning her attention to the spear. She frowned at the metal and ran her finger along the edge, checking for nicks. “Raid tonight,” she said. “Those are bribes.”

“Bribes?” Dylos asked with another astonished look at the pile. “For what?”

“Bolster,” the mystic replied succinctly, looking at the inquisitor with a wry smile. “Fifty eight seconds out of every minute the recipient gets a 54% increase in size, 23% increase in attributes, 15% increase in mitigation and five extra triggers from their weapon.”

“That’s unnatural!” Dylos exclaimed.

Trinkit shrugged. “Everyone is into personal enhancement nowadays.”

The commodities exporter handed Trinkit a bag of coin, larger than the one Dylos was intending to deposit, and the piece of paper.

Trinkit frowned at the number written beneath the long list of items. “They’re starting to take me for granted,” she muttered darkly.

“Who are you going to bolster at raid tonight?” Dylos asked curiously.

Trinkit looked up and wrinkled her nose. “I think I’ll bolster my pet.”