The Preferred Mending Club
9/17/12 1:50pm
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The Preferred Mending Club
Trinkit handed Anita Guildmender a slip of paper. Anita made a few marks on the paper and then handed it back with a bundle of freshly mended armor and Trinkit's spear. They shook hands and Trinkit turned away after a nod of thanks.

The mystic pocketed the paper and then carefully placed the bundle of armor in her inventory, clean and ready for the raid that night. She liked to wait to gear up until just before combat, not wanting to pay for any extra dings.

She looked around the nearly empty hall and then wandered over toward the corner where the other merchants offered their services to the guild. Dylos was usually hanging out by the banker, although Trinkit could never quite tell if it took that much time to count his money or he was just striking up a flirtation with the lass. He spent a lot of time staring at her.

This time, though, he was watching Trinkit, a puzzled expression on his face.

"Didn't you have to pay for that?"

Trinkit raised her eyebrows. She looked around. The hall was empty except for one of the other inquisitors, standing on the far side of the room. He'd been standing motionless for hours though, looking remarkably like a living statue in full armor. Trinkit suspected he'd mastered the art of sleeping standing up.

"I'm a member of the Preferred Mending Club," she said, lowering her voice. You never could tell when someone would just appear in the hall. "Aren't you?"

"Preferred Mending Club? What is that?"

Trinkit pursed her lips thoughtfully as she looked at Dylos, then she gestured for him to follow her to a table at the back of the hall near the crafting room. Most everyone in the hall avoided the arts and crafts. It would be safe to talk there.

She pulled a white slip of paper out of her inventory and placed it on the table in front of Dylos.

Trinkit's name was scrawled in the top right corner of the page. Down the left side was a long list of names. Beside each name was a checkbox and after it a blank line with a percent sign and another line labeled points. Some of the boxes were checked. For the checked names, many of them had a percent beside the name and a number of points.

"What is this?" Dylos asked curiously. He recognized the names on the list. They were all people they both adventured and raided with regularly.

"This is my score sheet for the week," Trinkit replied. "For every 25 points I earn, I get a free mending."

Dylos studied the sheet. "How does it work?" he asked, with an intrigued expression. There was an unusually large number of points beside some of the names.

"Each time I adventure with someone during the week, they get a check by their name. When they visit Anita, she marks the percent of damage she had to mend. For every 10% of damage on priests and scouts, I get 1 point. Mages are a half point per 10% of damage. Fighters are worth 2 points. And Shadowknight visits are worth an extra bonus point."

"Sounds complicated," Dylos said, frowning at the page. He noticed his name was checked on the list... with a couple points beside it. Trinkit's name was crossed out.

"It's not that difficult," Trinkit replied. "Obviously you don’t get any points for damage to your own armor. You just have to keep track of who you adventure and raid with. Anita takes care of all the rest. I've earned three free mendings so far this month."

Dylos's expression cleared. "That sounds like a good deal," he said, looking up with a smile.

"It is," Trinkit agreed. "Go ahead and sign up. I know a couple of the other healers are already members."


Trinkit placed her index finger against her lips, partially concealing her smile. "Shh," she said, nodding toward the merchant corner where a couple members were starting to gather. "I'll tell you later."